The Duck Files – Ping is Growing Up

The Duck Files – Ping is Growing Up

You can hardly recognize my little guy.  He’s just getting so HUGE!

Here he was just a few short weeks ago…….. on my couch.  Cute little yellow fellow.

He was the size of an orange.

Now he’s the size of………. a duck.

The only animal I’ve ever seen grow this fast is a Cornish Rock Broiler (meat chicken).

I suppose if you wanted to raise something to eat.  And you wanted to eat it in 4 weeks.  And you didn’t want chicken.  A duck would fit the bill (A little duck humor there – Tee Hee).

BUT we are not eating Ping.  He is our first duck.  He is our pet.  We love him.  Although, we have been know to eat pets before.  Sorry.

I got a call from my cousin yesterday.  She asked perfectly reasonable questions, of which I had no reasonable answers.

Cousin:  “Hi.  What are you doing?”

Me:  “Playing with the ducks.”

Cousin:  “You have ducks?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Cousin:  “How many ducks do you have?”

Me:  “3.”

Cousin:  “Why did you get ducks?”

Me: hesitate………… “Um”………”Because they were cute.”

Cousin:  “What are you going to do with them?”

Me:  “um”………hesitate some more…………………… “um”……. “If they are girls, I guess we’ll eat their eggs;  if they’re not girls, I guess……….. well………… I guess we’ll eat them.”

My oldest daughter (Ping’s person)  declares from the background:  “You are NOT eating PING!”

Cousin:  laughter.


No, I do not intend to eat Ping.  BUT, I also did not intend to eat Wayne, Teenyball, Gizmo, Curly, Red, Buff, Crazy, Chubby, or Dumpling, but I did.

If you turn into a Gangster Rooster, snort and stomp the ground, chase my kids around the house, or make my baby cry – you go in the stew pot.

I’m sure Ping would never do anything like that.

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