Howdy!  I’m CJ.

Welcome to FarmFreshForLife.com – where I take a fresh and somewhat radical approach to healthy living.

FarmFreshForLife.com is not your typical “healthy living” website. I am not only eating a real food diet – I am raising the foods I am eating.  (More on that HERE)

Don’t worry…

You don’t have to buy a farm and grow all YOUR food to eat healthily.  I am a believer that farms are optional but eating real foods is obtainable for all. There are all sorts places and people selling real food out there that is already dead.  🙂


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The Goal Here at FarmFreshForLife.com:  Health, Wellness, & Food

ONE:  We were created to be healthy

I don’t want you to just live or survive… I want you to be healthy.

I want you to live long.  I want you to thrive.  I want you to radiate.

Real food makes us better.  It restores.  It heals.

TWO: We are missing out on the pleasure of food production

I encourage and applaud all of you who want to take part in the slow process of growing your own foods.   You will reap many rewards if you do decide to take part in producing foods.  Even if you just grow a little herb or salad garden or maybe just a couple of pots on the back deck, you will get satisfaction from the work.  You will teach your family where food comes from, get sunshine, fresh air, and exercise.

THREE:  I want you to be in your kitchen.

Some of us are as far away from the cooking of the foods as we are growing it.  Just like gardening, I think we are missing out on a great blessing.  Cooking from scratch, making (nutritious) homemade baked goods and being able to take freshly picked produce and turn it into something magnificent for dinner is not a drudgery – it is a blessing.

My Favorite 3 Topics:

  1. Growing food (garden) & Raising animals (meat)
  2. Living Healthy – The value of eating Real food – the importance of consuming real, local (as possible), fresh (as possible) foods.  Health benefits, digestive benefits, nutritional content, environmental benefits and benefits to your local community and farming neighbors.
  3. How to Eat real food – cooking, preserving, canning, freezing, and fabulous recipes.

Whether you want to grow a couple of tomatoes in a pot, or move out to the middle of nowhere & be completely self-sufficient I am glad you are here.

My hope is that we may be able to help and inspire each other along our journeys.

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There’s always something exciting going on around the farm & something delicious happening in the kitchen.



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