Ping Gets a Pool

Ping Gets a Pool

A duck pool.

Before we get started admiring Ping and his new Pool………

Can we all take a moment to enjoy my youngest child’s outfit?

Boy, has his own style.

duck pool

Camo swimming trunks, a Hawaiian shirt, and boots.

We homeschool.  We live in the middle of nowhere.  No one’s gonna see this child.  It doesn’t matter.

Except, Mama’s got a blog – so,  Enjoy!

Back to Ping.

Sweet Ping has moved outside to the new chicken yard.  He likes the leaves, the grass, and the fresh air.
duckpool 9

But, he’s a duck.  He’s obsessed with water.  We have a 3 gallon drinker that he empties twice a day trying to get his water fix.

Filling 3 gallon drinkers is not my children’s idea of fun, so we bought 2 kiddie pools.

duck pool 2

We filled them with clean water.

We have happy ducks.  They no longer empty the 3 gallon drinker.  They happily splash and play and swim in their 6 inch-deep pools.

You are not seeing things, there are 3 ducks now.


My youngest daughter wanted a duck.  So, I got her one.  I’m a sucker for ducks.  What’s one more?

duckpool 6

The chickens seem pretty excited about the pools too.

Once our grass is growing, we will set everyone free & our ducks can get their water fix from our natural spring.  Until then, they get to play in their Dollar General pools.

“Hi, Foghorn!”

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