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Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by I’m glad you’re here!

Since you’re here, it probably means you have an interest in being healthy, eating real foods and living a better life.

This is not like any other foodie website, diet website or healthy living website.

Here, you are welcome as you are.  We are a community trying to live healthy lives by putting great foods into our bodies.

We believe that food is much more than something that gives us fuel.  It is more than flavors and aromas.  It is more than a celebration.

Food is life.

If we put living, real, whole foods into our bodies we can change our health.


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What are REAL FOODS?

Real foods are easy to find.  They are everywhere.  Real foods are foods without labels.  They are foods without ingredients.

Real Foods at a glance:

  • Grains:  whole wheat berries, whole grains, whole corn, whole spelt, whole kamut, whole rye, whole oats.
  • Dairy:  Milk (raw or organic is best), raw cheeses, butter (raw or organic is best), sour cream (homemade is best), yogurt, buttermilk, cream, whip-cream (homemade & sweetened with maple syrup), etc.
  • Meat & Eggs: any eggs, chicken, duck, rabbit, venison, beef, pork, fish, etc
  • All Fruits & Veggies
  • All beans, legumes, nuts & seeds
  • Sweeteners:  Real Maple Syrup, Honey, Molasses, stevia (the plant)
  • Beverages:  Any natural drinks, includes kombucha, juice (fresh is best, never with added sugar), milk, tea, beer, wine and any other natural beverage.

This list is not exhaustive, but you can see, this list covers an incredible variety of whole foods.

You too can decide to live a real food lifestyle.

There are 2 choices when it comes to fetching real foods:


You can shop your local supermarket, visit farm stands, or join a CSA (community shared agriculture).  All of these are excellent ways to purchase real foods, but the farmer down the road may be a better option.


After buying fresh, local food for a few years, we decided to raise our own.  If you happened to blessed with an acre or two of land you can raise some of your own food too.

Which direction you take is up to you.  We decided to raise most of our food and the experience has been remarkable.  Not only are we putting some delicious, healthy food on our dinner table, we have found a more satisfying, enriching life in the process.

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Wishing you much health and success on your real food adventure!




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