The Ketchup Catastrophe

The Ketchup Catastrophe

I make egg sandwiches for breakfast all the time.  My 2 boys eat them about 4 days a week.

In this house egg sandwiches consist of a toasted bun and an egg fried in bacon grease.

That’s it.

The preferred egg sandwich topping is ketchup.  Nothing else.  Just ketchup.

I’ve tried to indoctrinate them to things like sausage, bacon, ham, cheese or salsa on their egg sandwiches.  But, no, all they want is a puddle of ketchup to dip the sandwiches in.

This morning we had ketchup catastrophe.  My youngest even asked me to drive to the store to get him some ketchup so he could eat his egg sandwich.

Let’s just pause and laugh…… I live in the middle of exactly no where – it’s 7:00am.  I’m not taking any trips to a store for…. ketchup (or anything else for that matter).

My 10 year old child was making sure the entire house was aware of his breakfast crisis when his older sister (almost 16) walked into my room and said, “What’s wrong with Cole?”  I told her that he needed to find his happy heart and eat his egg sandwich… that he asked me to make for him, by the way…..

…. but he can’t find any ketchup.

Then she said,  “I don’t blame him.  The ketchup is the only thing that makes the egg sandwich edible.”

I told her not to tell him that.

I headed back to the kitchen to see if I could help him locate some ketchup.  When I arrived he was staring into the refrigerator.

Let me paint a picture of my refrigerator.

Right now it is containing:

  • approximately 3 gallons of cream,
  • 2 gallons of milk,
  • 1 gallon of whey,
  • 3 containers of homemade garlic cream cheese,
  • 3 different bottles of cattle vaccinations,
  • some whole wheat (homemade) crackers that no one eats but me,
  • a bag of kale (from the garden),
  • a bag of beets (garden again),
  • an enormous amount of veggies (cucumbers, celery, carrots, etc – for juicing),
  • an enormous amount of fruits
  • and a bunch of homemade and store bought condiments
  • ….. but no ketchup.

Peering beyond the milk and cow meds he said, “I can’t find the ketchup because the refrigerator is full of things we don’t eat.”




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    November 30, 2017
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      December 1, 2017

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