There’s a Duck in My Sink………. Again

There’s a Duck in My Sink………. Again

There’s a Duck in my sink……. Again.

Ping had his first swim a couple of weeks ago………. in my sink.

ducksink 2

He was just a little guy and had plenty of room to paddle around.

Since his first swim, he got huge.

ping sink1

There will be no paddling around today.  Just standing, dunking, and splashing water on the ceiling.

ping sink4

Water! Water! Water!

ping sink 5

Water! Water! Water!

Disney Land is not the happiest place on earth.  The kitchen sink is.


Will someone go get a mop?  Please?

All Clean!

pink nails

After his swim Ping got spruced up a bit.

ping nails2

He got the full spa treatment today.  Lucky Ping.

What do you think?

His nails look better than mine.

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