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As the website has grown, I have been asked over and over for MORE information.

Especially about breadmaking.  So many people want to know everything about my home bakery.

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The cool part is if you dig the blog – you’ll probably love the Membership.

It started as a way to post the much-requested videos – but has grown into an entire website of its own.

I post all the time in the Membership Section.   There is Fresh news almost every day:  new posts, articles, videos, and recipes are being added like mad.  You’ll see a glimpse behind the scenes at our operation, livestock keeping handbooks and tips on getting the most from your land.


If you are trying to lose weight, slim down or get healthy AND you like to eat – you’ll love the recipes.  I eat like a king (or is it a queen?).  I love food.  I don’t want to pass on the cheese, butter or bread.  But I want to be slim and healthy.

I make delicious, easy meals with real ingredients.  Most of my recipes come from my grandmother’s recipe box or one of her 100-year-old cookbooks (I have a pile of them).  The recipes you’ll find here use real food, are simple to make, promote health and take you back to a simpler time.

No processed food.  No chemicals.  No preservatives.

Members get immediate access to:

Members Get Immediate Access #1:  dozens of never before published Farm Fresh recipes

Members Get Immediate Access #2:  my secret to stress-free dinners and easy weekly meal plans

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Members Get Immediate Access #4:  My favorite healthy juice recipes

Members Get Immediate Access #5:  Pantry lists, eating manual and survival tips are also included!


The world at large is avoiding bread like the plague.  To be honest, if I didn’t have a mill I probably would be too.  If you mill whole wheat kernels into fresh flour it is health food.  Almost ALL of the flour sold at stores is processed, refined, separated, or denatured.

Baking with fresh-milled, whole grains gives you more than healthy bread to eat.  Your cookies, cakes, pies and any recipe that calls for flour will be changed.  Fresh flour naturally contains over 30 nutrients essential to health,  Store bought flour is usually enriched with 4!

You can turn your kitchen into a bakery that produces delectable pastries and breads that are as healthy as they are delicious.

Join and you’ll receive access to all the instructional bread-making videos, recipes and the ‘hows & whys’ behind the home bakery.

Members will have the opportunity to dive deep into the world of fresh flour:

  • Learn the truth about store-bought flour.
  • Learn the truth about what the FDA allows in commercial  “whole grain” bread.
  • Learn how to produce the best-tasting bread you’ve ever eaten.
  • Watch all the bread-making instructional videos at your convenience as many times as you want.


I’m CJ!

I’m the blogger here at FarmFreshForLife.  I am a Master Gardener.  I am a writer (Chickens Magazine, Hobby Farms, Pink Tractor, Grit, MannaPro).  I grow my own food.  I preserve, can, and prepare real foods.  I teach classes for organizations, events, and schools on homesteading, gardening, cheesemaking, animal husbandry, owning a dairy cow, and breadmaking.

I guess I was walking around 10 pounds overweight and didn’t know it.  I went on a 101-day journey to eat only REAL food (more about that here).  I ate nothing from restaurants, nothing from stores, nothing except REAL food I prepared.  No preservatives, no chemicals, no artificial ingredients, no additives.  Nothing but food as God made it.

I lost over 10 pounds and haven’t looked back.  I got more than just smaller pants out of the whole excursion… I sleep better.  I feel better.  I have more energy.  The lumps in my breasts & armpits are gone.  I know I am healthier.

You can do it too.  I believe you can eat when you want and what you want as long as you follow a few simple rules.

(1) Eat only REAL food.

(2) Eat when you are hungry.

(3) Stop when you are satisfied.

(4) Eat nothing processed or refined.


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