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I grow food, cook from scratch, mill flour, shear sheep, milk cows, make cheese, love pigs and am basically a lunatic who wants to produce all her food…

Real Food is a Life Changer:

  • Restore Health
  • Manage Weight Easily
  • Feel Better
  • Have TONS of energy

If you are ready – you can do it and I can help!

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Let me Introduce myself  🙂



Do you love that feeling you get when you feed your family a meal that was raised, harvested or hand-made from your own piece of land?

Or perhaps you wish you could grow your own food? 

You are at the right place!

I’ve been raising and preparing all my own food for years & I can show you how to do it too.

  • Easy Step-by-Step Methods
  • Expert Tips
  • Proven Practices

Want to expand your garden? Raise a pig? Free-range some chickens?  What about a milk cow? 


What You Will Get

  • No registration fee.
  • No annual fees.
  • It’s only 10 bucks.

Here’s a short video on why I started Memberships

For more on why the Memberships started go here.

I’m Candi! (Yes, I hate my name)

I’m not just eating clean foods, I am growing them.  Eating clean food has changed my life.  In 2016 I decided to only eat food I raised for 101 days.  It was the most amazing adventure.  I lost weight, changed my health, and feel better than ever.  I’ve been addicted to real food ever since.

In addition to eating lots of food:

  • I am a recovering sugar addict
  • I am a Master Gardener, Certified Teacher & Real Food Advocate
  • Serial Writer (Hobby Farms, GRIT, Chickens Magazine, Pink Tractor, and MannaPro).
  • I avoid the center isles of supermarkets like the plague

Not Just Another Website…

I am cruising through the towns and counties spreading awareness and teaching people that food matters.

I teach free classes, volunteer at schools, host farm tours, serve at the State Fair, visit senior centers, support FFA, belong to Kentucky Cattleman, 4-H, and more.  (More on community service here)


I realized a while ago that eventually, my food choices were going to catch up with me.  We can’t just continue eating dead, processed foods and expect to enjoy great health forever.

I also think it’s cool to know how to live without grocery stores.

Members will Learn:

  • How to grow some or all of your food
  • How to start a homestead
  • How to farm more sustainably & feed livestock for less
  • How to mill flour and make bread
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

“No thanks for the pig”

Would you rather buy from a farmer than be one?  Great!

You do not need to be a farmer – just eat like one.

  • Learn to cook from scratch
  • Learn how to make healthy bread
  • Get immediate access to easy, recipe-free meals
  • Get the answer to the age-old question “What am I going to Cook for Dinner?”


If you’ve been gluten-free or avoiding bread – you’re gonna love this.  There is a way to eat bread and feel great.  When you mill whole wheat grains into fresh flour it is one of the healthiest foods you can consume.

  • Learn how to make bread that is as nutritious as it is delicious
  • Learn why storebought bread and flour are making us unhealthy
  • Learn why the label “whole grain” is a lie
  • Get unlimited access to a 9-class breadmaking course


Say Goodbye to DIETING 

One of the best-kept secrets of homesteading (and eating real food) is the weight loss factor.  When you only eat what grows somehow, your pants fit better and you have more energy.

Eating like a farmer has its perks.  You can eat it all (lard, butter, bacon, maple syrup, fresh flour, steaks, potatoes, everything) and, as long as a farmer grew it organically it will be healthy for you.

Members get Free eBooks-

Get the Bunny Handbook, Raising Backyard Pigs, and How to Eat free when you join.

Members get the Breadmaking Course-

This is a 9 Module Breadmaking Video Course ($149.00 value) that will introduce you to the ‘why’ grinding grains is phenomenal and how to do it.

Members Get Menu Plans- 

Whole, clean, seasonal meals will be sent right to your inbox!  You get menus with recipes and shopping lists included.  Each menu includes 4 delicious meals, a fresh salad, homemade bread, and a sweet treat.

Members Get Homesteading Help-

That’s over $200 of value for ONLY $10

AND you will get me!  Think of me as your personal, homesteading help-line.  🙂


Come on – Give it a try


ONLY $10 per month

Learn to eat clean, real food – be happy, healthy, & gorgeous

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