He’s 9 Years Old!

He’s 9 Years Old!

We were blessed with this little guy 9 years ago today.
cole 8

I am so happy to be a mama of 4.  What would our life be like without this guy?  Not the same, that’s for sure.

Funny Facts about my youngest:

  1. He still answers the phone, “Hi, My name’s Cole.  What’s your name?”
  2. Every time he sees an animal in our yard he asks me if he can shoot it.  Any animal.
  3. He has a “pooping” stump in the front yard.  Don’t ask.
  4. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t wear clothes if we didn’t make him.
  5. He knows how to candle an egg and people (story here).
  6. He calls his big toe his “thumb toe.”

baptism 2

He’s had a big year.  He was baptized by DH in a stock tank in our back yard.

cole's 9 6

He had his first communion a week later at our church.

cole's 9 8

He learned how to play drums.  He even performed with his siblings at the Christmas Recital in December (His brother and oldest sister both play guitar).
cole's 9 5

Last week on vacation there was a quick run to the store.  A friend drove them, I stayed behind.

After they returned I was informed that my youngest child sat in his big sister’s lap.

cole & shelby

Here are the characters:

  • Blonde with freckles = our youngest child (who sat on his sister).
  • Starfish necklace = big sis that got sat on.
  • I’m the old person.

There was a bit of a dispute as to who would get the coveted front seat spot for the 35 second ride to the island store.  Big sis had already nabbed the front seat & wasn’t about to give up the princess spot.  Cute, youngest child wanted said spot…

So he parked himself on her lap…

and he farted….

on her…

What else would you expect from an 8 year old boy?

Later that night we were visiting with some friends on the back porch.  DH had not yet heard about his youngest child’s flatulence upon his big sis.  So, when our youngest child (the farter) walked out I said, “I heard you farted on your sister today.”

He smiled, giggled and said, “Yeah, and it wasn’t a clean one.”
cole's 9 2Happy 9th Birthday!

We love you, buddy.

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