4 Chickens from God?

4 Chickens from God?

Yes, God gave us chickens.

I am usually 10 steps ahead of God trying to get Him with my plan.

This is not a good system.  His ways are always better.  My ways are often disastrous.

On the other hand, I am married to a man who’s always 20 steps behind God.  His answer to almost everything is, “We’ll see.”

Which drives me out of my mind.

Do you think the baseball games will be cancelled?

“We’ll see.”

Do you think it will rain?

“We’ll see.”

Do you think we’ll get out of debt in this decade?

“We’ll see.”

Do you think Jesus is coming back this fall?

“We’ll see.”

Do you like pie?

Can we please have a real answer?  “We’ll see” does not register in my world as an answer to a yes or no question.  It drives me nuts.  I’ve started throwing his answer back at him.  It is surprisingly satisfying.

DH:  Is our 13 year old ever going to understand Algebra?

Me:  “We’ll see.”

DH:  What are we having for dinner tonight?

Me:  “We’ll see.”

DH:  Are you going to be on time to work?

Me:  “We’ll see.”

Tee Hee.  I always smile and wink at him when I give him the “We’ll see.”

This past year there were a lot of questions and discussions going on around our home that were in the “We’ll see” category and consequently driving me crazy.

I want to do, do, do.  Fix, Fix, Fix.  I’m a spaz.  I want action.  I want to do something.  I want a plan. “Waiting” and “Seeing” don’t come naturally to me.  Ugh.

They do come naturally to my better half, DH.  He’s amazing when it comes to waiting.  He’s patient.  He’s still.  He’s faithful.  He’s steady.

We spent the better part of a year trying to get our Jersey cow, Faith, bred.  She had a few dates with the A-I guy and we had a frustrating season.  What generally takes one or two visits had drifted into 9 months of attempts and failures.

Here were some of the topics discussed:

  • Should we continue having the A-I come out month after month to attempt to breed Faith?
  • Should we find a different A-I guy?
  • Should we try a different semen for breeding (did we get a bad batch of Jersey semen)?
  • Should we lease a bull from a friend?
  • Should we dry up Faith?
  • Should we take Faith to someone else’s farm to breed with a bull?
  • Should we get a bull-calf & raise it to be our stud (Faith’s future husband)?  We will call him Romeo and he will be our Man-cow.
  • Is Faith too old to conceive and have calves?
  • Should we get another milk-cow and retire Faith?
  • Why won’t the cow get pregnant? What should we do?


The Merriam Webster Definition for Behold:   to look at (something) : to see (something)

As God was in heaven smiling down on us, knowing what we did not yet know.

  1. BEHOLD – Faith was already 4 1/2 months pregnant. {Forehead slap}
  2. BEHOLD – God had a new Jersey milk cow (Rosie) coming to our place in March.  Rosie (the new Jersey) had  just calved & her owner thought she would be happy here.  What?  Read about Rosie here.
  3. BEHOLD – The new Jersey God was sending us was also coming with a Black Angus calf……… Is she the starter cow for the Black Angus herd we’ve been talking about?  Hmmm?

“You’re Welcome.”

Problem solved.  Here’s the answers:

  • No A-I guy needed
  • No bull needed
  • No semen needed
  • No Faith is not too old
  • Yes, 2nd Jersey cow is on the way
  • Faith is pregnant, your new milk-cow is coming
  • and a Black Angus bonus
  • “Behold”

Sometimes we just need to be still and Behold.  We need to look.   We need to see.   God is so good to us.  See Romans 8:28.

Mamaw is always beholding.  She sees the Lord’s hand in everything.  She shows me her volunteer plants and tells me the Lord gave her those tomato plants.  She has a weeping willow the Lord gave her.  He also gave her a Forsythia.  When I gave her a bushel of peppers she looked at the sky and said, “Thank you Lord for the peppers, and thank you for Ms. Candi and her generosity.”

We were on Mamaw’s back porch “visiting” one afternoon. Mamaw loves to “visit.”  Which is sometimes hard for me because it requires sitting still.  We were sitting, visiting and it was windy.  Windy is actually not the word.   A hurricane had hit Kentucky. My hair was slapping everyone within 3 feet.

She looked at me and said, “Isn’t it good that the Lord sent the wind to dry up all the rain we’ve been getting.”   Thanks to the wind I could barely understand what she said.

Mamaw was beholding.

I believe there are always things in our lives for us to behold.  Big ones, little ones.  Are we beholding?  Do we see?

behold 3

It was my 15 year old son’s birthday.

At 8:25am on Monday morning I got a text asking if we could provide a home to 4 chickens.  It was a friend of a friend who had the chickens and couldn’t keep them. I said sure & the lady dropped them off at our pawnshop for DH to bring home.

behold 6

I looked at my son and said, “God sent you a birthday present.  He gave you chickens for your birthday.  I can’t wait to meet them!”

behold 4

We are enjoying the new addition to our flock.  Thanks Lord.

I wonder what else I am not seeing?

I am thankful for a husband who’s motto in life is “We’ll see.”  I am thankful for God hears and gives all the good things for us to behold.



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