Bon Fire

Bon Fire

Every year we attempt to have a Bon-Fire.  It usually gets rained out. Spring and Fall are perfect times for Bonfires in Kentucky.  They also happen to be perfect for rain.

We invite everyone and mark our calendars, with the understanding; if it rains – it’s cancelled.  So, we wait until the last few days to get out the streamers, balloons, and food.

The weather this fall has been especially weird, so we thought the Bon-Fire would not happen.  Either it has been too rainy, too wet, too cold or too snowy.

We were all pleasantly surprised shocked when it was 60 degrees and beautiful the day of our scheduled party.

I made Kentucky Burgoo for everyone to eat.  It is the perfect soul-warming food for an outdoor party around a Bon-Fire.  The KY Burgoo is hiding in the crock-pots.  The big red cooler is filled with hot apple cider.

I filled one of my wooden crates with all the fixin’s for some s’mores later in the evening.

Then DH got the fire going, and I kept him company.  Don’t worry, it will get MUCH bigger when all the friends show up.  We’re just getting it started.

This will be the last time I sit for the next 6 hours,

About 40 people came.  Everyone brought their children and I think the kids had the most fun of all.  As folks arrived, they all descended on the back porch.  Go here to read why you should have a back porch.  That may have had something to do with the Burgoo and cider being served there.

As the evening got darker and the air got cooler,  everyone began to migrate to the fire.   Then the marshmallow feast began.  I’m pretty sure that marshmallows are not real food.  Since, almost everything in the KY Burgoo was born and raised on this farm, we’ll call it even.

We roasted marshmallows and ate them.  We roasted marshmallows and torched them.  We roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.   A bon fire is incomplete without marshmallows.

It was my daughter’s best friend’s Birthday, so as the evening progressed – we visited the barn.

The kids gathered in the barn, around the tractor, the cow food (Hay) and the tractor, to sing Happy Birthday.

If you are a kid……….. barn’s are fun.   If you are my husband, kids in the barn is the opposite of fun.

The kids would have been happy to play in the barn, swing from the rafters, climb on the hay, sit on the chicken coops, and pretend to drive tractors………..  all night.  My husband would like his barn to be standing in the morning.  He would also like for all his equipment & supplies to be intact.  For these reasons, the kids were kicked out of the barn after the Birthday singing.

Then we all went back outside to enjoy the fire.

One of our best friends took this picture.  I love it.  Great Picture,  Big A!

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