Painting the Run-in… with a Cow

Painting the Run-in… with a Cow

Remember my sweet, little, unhappy, bawling calf?


I’m happy to report that after 4 days of pacing and bawling;  Crumple decided he was going to survive without milk.

He is over 5 months old now, and huge.

He has a grassy pasture, is delivered fresh hay twice a day and a even gets a delicious portion of locally made cattle-feed.

We had a couple of nice days recently.  The temperatures soared into the 50’s; so I took full advantage and slapped a coat of paint on Crumple’s new run-in.


In spring we plan on painting it to match the other buildings in the cow-fields – Red.  For now, we just needed to get a thick coat of primer-sealer on it.  This will protect it from the weather, winter, and water damage.

Crumple thought I was in the field to play with him.  I think he wanted to help me with the painting.  He wanted to sniff the paint.  He wanted to lick the building.  He wanted to rub, nudge, and snuggle with me.  Ugh.

I am here to tell you, I would have finished painting that entire thing without getting a single drop of paint on me if it weren’t for my bovine helper.  He sniffed the paint, then sniffed me.  He rubbed his giant skull on the freshly painted run-in, then rubbed on me.

I couldn’t just let him eat paint.  Gross.  I pushed him away.  He came back.  I fussed at him.  He just looked at me.  I got a pine branch and tried to shoo him away with that.  He ate it.  I made loud goofy noises and stomped around trying to scare him off.  He just stood there.  Stood there eating paint and licking me.  Arg.

I called my daughter at the house and told her to come to Field #2 immediately & get her stupid cow to stop eating paint and keep him away from me.  She arrived and was no help. He didn’t want to play with her.  He wanted to eat paint……. and paint me.


So, after 2 hours of painting with an annoying, adolescent cow.  The run-in was painted….. I was painted…..

and the baby cow was painted.

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