Incubating Eggs

Incubating Eggs

It was springtime.  We were incubating eggs.

10 days into the incubation process we usually “candle” our eggs to see which eggs are turning into cute little chicks, and which ones are duds.

To candle the eggs, we wait until it is dark outside & grab a flashlight.  We place the egg against the flashlight in the dark room.  When the flashlight is pressed against the egg it is easy to see what is going on inside.  If the baby chick is forming you can see veins, the air pocket, and  the yolk.  If there is nothing happening inside, you see nothing but a blob.

My youngest child found this very interesting.  He candled all the eggs.  Then he candled his sister.

He held the flashlight up to her hand and said,  “Shelby, I can see your yolk.”

She said,  “I don’t have a yolk.”

He said, “Yeah, but I can see it.”

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Happy Fall!



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