Snow Days, Dogs, Kids and Monkeys

Snow Days, Dogs, Kids and Monkeys

So, it’s been a weird November.  I hear it’s gonna be a long cold winter.  Again.  I have decided to reject that opinion.  So, has Duke.

Our newly adopted basset hound, Duke, hates cold weather.

He shivers when it’s 50 degrees out, sunny and there’s a scarf wrapped around his neck.  My husband says it’s an act.  That Duke is just trying to figure out how he can get back in the house so he can make something smell like corn chips.

So, we were all surprised when he turned into a puppy in the recent November blizzard.  He bounced, he pounced,  he jumped, he wagged.  I couldn’t even get a picture of him that was not blurry because he wouldn’t hold still.

He hasn’t moved this much in the entire 5 months we have had him.

Duke LOVES snow.  He had more fun than my kids.

I have found the secret to staying warm.  After hiding in the house, wearing 4 layers of clothing and sitting by the fireplace, I finally figured out how to warm up.

Go outside and play.  After freezing in my house for 2 days, I went outside.  I sled down the hill.  I hiked up the hill.  I built a snowman.  I was sweating.  I was no longer freezing, cold or even chilled.  I was taking off layers.

These girls are not cold.  They are not wearing hats because they intentionally took them off.  I will find the hats, covered in mud, somewhere in the woods, in March.

Tomorrow I will be at Tractor Supply buying hats because no one will be able to find theirs because they are all buried in the snow.  Arg.

According to these 2, if they didn’t remove their hats their heads would have burst into flames.  Like a good mommy I made them put their hats back on.

Here’s the snowman my youngest and I built.  It’s the kind of snowman with leaves stuck all over him and crooked eyes because the snow’s melting.

I think he’s the best kind.

By the way, I have the longest arms in the world.  There isn’t a long sleeve shirt in North America that fits me.  Everything I own is either 3/4 length sleeves or short sleeved.

You don’t want to be anywhere near me in Zumba Class.  Unless you want to get slapped by my giant monkey arms.

If your world is a white winter wonderland – get out an enjoy it.  It may warm you up.




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