She’s 13 Years old today!!!!!!

She’s 13 Years old today!!!!!!

As of today, I am the mother of 3 teenagers.


I’m not sure how this happens.  I would like it to stop.

The kids are great – really – I’d take 4 more just like them…..

Mommy-hood is pretty much my favorite thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I just don’t want it to end.

My youngest daughter is 13 years old today!!

Y’all want to hear a story about this cutie?

Weeeeeeeellll, it all started with the squinting.

When most people watch television they either have no expression or a some sort of expression on their faces related to whats happening on the show…… This child was always squinting.

If she was watching TV – she was squinting.

The squinting apparently wasn’t effective because she resolved herself to watching television standing in the middle of the living room 2 feet from the TV.

Which wasn’t ideal for anyone else in the room trying to watch it – since she’s not transparent.

DH said, “I think you should have her eyes checked.”

I said, “I did 2 years ago and her eyesight was better than 20/20.”

He said, “Check it again.”

So, that’s what I did.

We waltzed into the eye doctor the next week and waltzed out with some swanky, purple glasses.

Yes – she needed glasses!

Poor thing!

She’s cuter than ever in her new frames.

We went to a friend’s house not too long ago.  Their home was amazing.  It was old (I love old).  It was surrounded by flowers (I love flowers).  It was filled with beautiful children (love-love children).  AND…… they had horses.

Generally, I am more of a cow-person.

In case you were wondering:

  • I say no to dogs.
  • I am the crazy cat lady.
  • I love cows.
  • I say no to horses.

We have a horse-free homestead.  It’s not really our choice.  DH is CRAZY allergic to horses.

If he touches a horse he needs a shower and some benadryl.

If he goes into a horse barn he needs a shower and some benadryl.

One day a customer pawned a saddle at our pawnshop… he needed a shower and some benadryl.

It’s insane.  He doesn’t have to touch a horse to react.  If he is close enough to one he starts rashing out, sneezing and his eyes turn red & swell up.

A few years back we attended the cutest country church.  We were there on an average Sunday morning.  The preacher announced it was “shake hands time” and we proceeded to walk around the sanctuary and shake hands with the congregation.  When we returned to our pew, DH looked like a red, Pillsbury dough boy.  He looked at me and said, “Someone in here was working with horses this morning.”  And he left immediately – for a shower and benadryl.

So, no horses for us.

BUT, the friends we were visiting had horses.

One of their horses was named, “Candy.”  As if my name wasn’t bad enough – now I share it with a horse.

Anyhow, Candy, was a sweet horse with a gentle nature and anyone would love her.  She gave us all rides and seemed happy for the attention.

I took horseback riding lessons as a girl, so it wasn’t a “new” adventure for me.

For this birthday girl – it was.

She had never been on the back of a horse before…..

Wait, I’m lying.  She did get on Mr. T’s horse a few years ago – but she was standing, and it was in a barn.  Does that count?

Anyhow – it was her first time sitting on a horse while it was moving.

We were all riding bareback (and barefoot) and we are lucky we didn’t get our feet broken or end up in the hospital.

My youngest daughter spent more time on the back of Candy (the horse) than anyone else.   She rode with friends.  She rode with her sister.  She rode solo.

She pranced.  She trotted.  She cantered.  She had a great afternoon on the back of Candy, the horse.

When she finally got off I asked her, “What did you think?”

She only had 2 brief things to say about horses:

  1. They are Painful.
  2. And surprizingly bouncy.

Happy Birthday Cutie!

I love you!




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