Why We Have Rabbits

Why We Have Rabbits

Why, oh why do we have 3 rabbits?

rabbits 2Why would anyone get rabbits?

  • A.  To eat
  • B.  To have baby rabbits
  • C.  To pet, love, hold and snuggle
  • D.  Because someone gave them to us.
  • E.  All of the above.

If you answered “E. All the Above” give yourself a prize.

Same story, different animal.  A customer at our pawn shop had a friend who wanted to get rid of his rabbits.  He felt like no one was spending any time with them.  They were just living in a cage outside all alone.  He wanted his rabbits to have a family.  He wanted his rabbits to have children to play with them.  He wanted his rabbits to be able to spend time outside of the rabbit hutch.  He wanted his rabbits to get exercise,  stimulation, and love.

Boy, did he find the right family.  His poor, poor rabbits would probably like to be put back in the hutch and left alone for a while.

rabbits 14

He brought an entire rabbit habitat to our homestead.  Hutch, drinker, feeder, locks, food, bedding, harnesses and 3 rabbits showed up.

We are set in the rabbit department.  They even have toys and treats….. carrot flavored of course.

The man was so incredibly grateful.  He was tickled to see my children running off in different directions with his rabbits.  He probably thanked me 20 times for adopting them before he left.

rabbit 4

We were happy to take them.

There are 1 Male and 2 females.  Earlier today some birds & bees action was spotted in the rabbit hutch, so I expect there may be more than 3 rabbits in a month or so…….

Who wants to know where babies come from?

rabbits 5

The coolest part about the rabbits is probably the harnesses that came with them.  Yup, rabbit harnesses.  Who knew?

The rabbits love the harnesses.  They can hop around the yard and play without escaping.  I don’t know who’s having more fun – the rabbits or the kids!

rabbit 1

Allow me to introduce you to everyone.  We have Bamma, Lola & Ike.

The black one is Ike.  He’s grouchy.

The one that looks like a cow is Bamma.

rabbits 11

This is Lola.  Cutie……. in her snazzy tuxedo/ harness.

Hi Ike.  rabbit 10
Bunnies.  I never wanted bunnies.  I still don’t want bunnies.  I don’t really want to eat bunnies.  I definitely don’t want to cook bunnies.  Don’t mention processing bunnies to me.  No.  I’m not killing Thumper.

What are we going to do with the bunnies?

I have no earthly idea.

What are we going to do with the 55 bunnies we are going to have in 6 months?


Maybe we can sell them at the pawnshop? 

rabbit 7

Or we could let Scruffy take care of our bunny problem…… He’s made it perfectly clear that he’d hold up his end of the bargain.

No, I don’t think so.  Sorry, Scruffy, these bunnies are not cat food.



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