What do You do When You’re Not Milking the Cow?

What do You do When You’re Not Milking the Cow?

My Other Life.

Depending on how long you’ve been reading along you may or may not have heard that we own a Pawnshop.

The Pawnshop could have it’s very own blog.  You can’t imagine the stories, characters and merchandise I have seen at our Pawnshop. There is never a boring day.

I’m not planning on starting a Pawnshop Blog because I love cows not Pawnshops, but I thought you might want a little peek.

Technically, my husband owns the pawnshop.  I am just sleeping with the owner.

DH has been running pawnshops since 1992.  I am married to a walking encyclopedia.  No matter what it is, DH can tell you what it is, what it’s worth and how much he’ll give you for it.

Wanna see our store?

I knew you would, so I took some pictures for you!

pawnshop 5

Pawnshops are great places.  If you’ve never been in one, you should go.  It’s an excellent place to find unusual items and great prices.

Here’s some of the items typically found in pawnshops (at least in the ones around here):

  • Jewelry
  • Tools
  • TV’s, DVD players, stereos, electronics
  • Musical gear and equipment
  • Game systems, consoles, accessories and video games
  • Laptops, computers, tablets and all things gadgety (like Kindles and DS’s)

AND Guns, bows & ammo (if the pawnshop has an FFL).  We do!

pawnshop 6

There’s DH in the music department.

Yes, he is wearing a gun.  Yes, he knows how to use it.  Yes, we are pro-gun.  Yes, we have our concealed carry licenses.  Yes, we believe in the 2nd amendment (Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States of America) which says we have the fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

If you don’t have your concealed carry (and can get one in your state) we think it is a privilege and honor to do so.

pawnshop 7

Our store is located in the country and folks who live out in the country around these parts like guns…….  So, consequently, we have quite a few guns.

pawnshop 2

DH’s awesome Deer Mount is hanging at the pawnshop too.  If you would like to know why it is not in my living room go here.

pawnshop 3

You don’t have to be in our store very long to figure out that we are Christians.  It’s on the wall.

pawnshop 8

It’s also on the counters.

Our goal is to help our community through our business.  This can mean giving out a Bible, praying with customers, selling pre-owned merchandise at great prices and/or providing them with monetary help when they need it.

Our store is a cool place.

I really try to avoid the gun department as much as possible.  I am much better with computers and jewelry.  Unfortunately for all the cowboys, cowgirls and gun enthusiasts who visit our store I do often end up showing the guns.

The customers are usually sweet and accommodating since most of them know that I don’t speak gun.

Tips to follow if I happen to be waiting on you in the gun department:

  1. Don’t identify a gun by manufacturer, name, model, or caliber and expect me to be able to figure out which one you are talking about.  I have no earthly idea.
  2. Do point to the gun.  I can usually find the firearm you are pointing at.
  3. Do tell me how many slots it is from the left.  This too is direction I can follow.
  4. Don’t ask me how to disassemble and reassemble your gun (or any gun for that matter).  Yes, this has happened.
  5. Don’t ask me how many rounds it holds, if we have an extended clip, if we have a holster that will fit it or if we have any ammo for it and expect me to know the answer.
  6. If you have a gun question.  Feel free to ask me and I’ll get one of the guys to answer it for you!

I am learning so, so, so, so much about firearms.  Maybe a year from now I will know which gun is the Kimber .45 ACP 1911 without having to ask someone to, “Point to it.”

If you are ever in Lagrange, KY – you should stop by and say, “Hi!”  Our store is called 5 Star Pawn.


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