The Problem With Outhouses

The Problem With Outhouses

The Problem with outhouses.

We have an outhouse.  We also have bathrooms inside our house.  We don’t use the outhouse too often.  It comes in extremely handy when I am working in the barn or hosting a bonfire.

Because this bathroom doesn’t get too much action – critters have decided to move in.  Which is never good.


This is the inside of our outhouse.  Toilet seat, basket with toilet tissue, hand sanitizer & a moon on the door. Everything you need to do your business in the good outdoors.

There is a small problem in our outhouse.  See that white puffy thing in the upper, left hand corner.  My youngest son is pointing at it with…..  his……. his…….  small, plastic, play knife.  Don’t worry, we wouldn’t give a real buck knife, or pocket knife to a 6 year old.


Here is a closer look.  Can you guess what that is?  Can you guess how it got there?

Here’s a clue:


Cute.  Eh?

Oh, he is not cute when you are trying to take care of business and you think you are alone.  He is not cute at all.  Neither is his family of 7 when you open the door and they all take off in different directions.  Not cute.

My son calls him Grouse.  Grouse the outhouse Mouse.

Grouse needs to move.




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