The Loft in the Milk Barn

The Loft in the Milk Barn

This is the cow barn.

milk barn 1.1

Also called the milking parlor.  Also called Faith’s barn.

Our Jersey cow, Faith, loves this barn.

It is where she gets pampered, cleaned, massaged, dried, milked, and fed buckets of sweet feed.  It is her happy place.

milk barn 3

I’ve shown you the milking side, and the business side.  However, I’ve never shown you the other side.

My oldest daughter has claimed this barn.  She has a billboard hanging in the back with cute Fair posters and art.  But there is a secret in this barn.


Here’s a picture taken from the milking side of the barn. Let me bring your attention to the top half of this picture.  There is a ladder on the right leading to the loft of the milking parlor.

Guess what’s up there?

Can you guess what’s hiding up there?



Spare milking parts?

Cattle feed?

Hog Feed?

Chicken Feed?

Give up?


This is what is in the loft in the milking barn.

A giant poofy, soft, bed.

Pillows, blankets and stuffed animals.

Art & Craft supplies.

And a couple of good books.

Isn’t that what every little girl has in the loft of their milking parlor?

milk barn loft

She loves her loft.


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