How To Grow Sugar Snap Peas

How To Grow Sugar Snap Peas

How to grow sugar snap peas.

I could write a song about how much I love sugar snap peas.  All of my children fight over the sugar snap peas.  No matter how many I grow, we eat every single one.  Sweet, crisp, refreshing, Yum.

Why you should plant Sugar Snap Peas:

  • They have their own travel pack in the form of a pod.
  • They are the perfect, portable snack food in spring, summer and fall.
  • Sugar Snap Peas are another cool season crop you can plant right now.
  • They are an inexpensive plant to grow since they are easily grown from seed (pea).
  • They are an easy to grow, no fuss crop.
  • No pests, no diseases, no worries.
  • If you plant them in your garden they will be free.

I have been growing sugar snap peas for years and haven’t experienced any major difficulties.  Trust me, I’ll let you know when a pain-in-the-neck variety comes on the scene.  Things like cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts give me indigestion.  I have pretty much banished them from my garden this year.  I don’t want to eat Seven Dust.  I don’t have cute, little, row covers.  Green worms make me squeal (and not with happiness).  Go here to read all about my cabbage worm experiences.

Stupid cabbage worms.

Sugar Snap Peas are easy to grow and don’t get cabbage worms all over them.  Happiness.

sugar snap

Sugar Snap Peas really need something to climb.  I have grown them on the ground in a clump-bush like format…….. but it’s not pretty and I’m fairly sure the peas don’t like it.

I am using a section of cattle panel as my pea trellis. 16 foot Cattle panels are $19.99 at my local farm store.  I cut these in half and use them as trellis’ in my garden.   I attach the cattle panels to some stakes driven into the ground.  Easy.

When Sugar Snap Peas have something to climb they will soar.

sugar snap 2

Open the bag of peas and sprinkle them on the ground around the trellis.
sugar snap 3

Next, just poke the peas an inch into the ground.  Or let your children do it.

I am so thankful my children like to help in the garden.sugar snap 4

Poke!  Poke!  Poke!

That’s it!

The vines will be coming up in a few short days.

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