Why You Should Plant CatNip

Why You Should Plant CatNip

Why you should plant catnip.

You can grow catnip in your house, in your garden, in your landscaping, in your flower pots, or in your sandbox.  And you should.

Here’s why:


Your cats (and any cats in a 3 mile radius) will love you forever.  This is Scruffy.scruffy

Scruffy is especially grateful for the catnip.

We have grown catnip for years and years.  It is one of those herbs that wants to take over the universe.  We have chopped it to smithereens.  We have dug it up.  We have ripped it out.  It’s one of those plants that you need to be very thoughtful about where you plant it because no matter what you do, it will grow there for the next thousand years.

The catnip was late coming up this spring and the cats have been waiting stalking for it since April.  

It finally arrived and boy are the cats elated!

scruffy 3

They roll in it.scruffy 4

They lick it. Slurp.
scruffy 8

They attack it.

Then they go, “Weeeeeeeeeeee!”

scruffy 9

Then they pass out in the peas.  Can you find Scruffy?scruffy 10

Found him yet?scruffy 11

There he is.  Scruffy – get out of the peas!scruffy 12

Or maybe not.  Good night, Scruffy.SCRUFFY 15

Scruffy is a cool cat.  scruffy 16

He sleeps passes out anywhere.  

scruffy 17

Catnip – tons of fun.

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I’m thinking of having a glass of cat-nip tea later……..  or maybe not

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