13 Things That May Have Happened at The Farm & Machinery Show

13 Things That May Have Happened at The Farm & Machinery Show

We attended the National Farm & Machinery Show here in Kentucky.  I was having one of those days when my mouth was operating faster than my brain.  Let me tell you, I could save myself a ton of grief if I could just learn to shut-up.

farm show sign

Here are 15 things that may have happened.

  1. I may have asked a tractor salesman how much the tractor cost while pointing at a combine
  2. I may have found my dream car truck.
  3. I may have eaten my weight in German roasted pecans.
  4. I may have gotten lost and sent my husband a text that said,  “I’m lost.”
  5. My 14 year old may have said, “Mom, you weren’t lost, you’re easy to find.  I just look for your hair.”
  6. My youngest son may have wanted to climb into the cab of all 2000 tractors at the show.  
    I think he actually sat in 1000 of them.  
  7. My youngest daughter may have had a tooth fall out while eating popcorn.  She also may have spit the tooth along with 1/2 pint of blood into my hand.
  8. I may have almost passed out.
  9. 3 Of my children may own cattle prods now.  I may need to protect the cows.
  10. I may have gotten lost 2 more times before we left the show.
  11. My oldest son may have said, “You and Dad are easy to spot in a crowd.  Tons of hair and no hair.”
  12. DH may have spent the entire day  (1) waiting on me to stop talking to everyone and  (2) looking for my hair.
  13. I may need a hair cut.

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