6 Reasons to Go to the Sale Barn & 1 Reason Not to

6 Reasons to Go to the Sale Barn & 1 Reason Not to

If you live in a rural area, there is a chance that a local Livestock Auction is happening near you.

Livestock Auctions (also called “sale barns”) are places where livestock producers and buyers come together.  Its a great place for the farmer to sell any extra livestock he has for profit.  It is also a great opportunity for the average “Joe” to get his hands on some animals (usually at a fair price).

The internet, local papers or your extension office can probably direct you to the nearest Livestock Auction (if there’s one near).


We’ve been frequenting our local Livestock Auction off and on for years.

Sale Barns can be fun.  There are the animals.  There are the friends.  There are the snacks.

If you are feeling cooped up, the sale barn is a fun event to get you out of the house.

I have met many people who have strong opinions about sale barns.  Some people enjoy them and some people avoid them like the plague.  I’m in the middle somewhere.

Why You Should Visit a Sale Barn

 1 Socializing

Most of the people who attend our Sale Barn have never bought an animal.  What?  It’s true.  The owner told me.  Folks come to see the livestock, see their friends and mingle.  It’s the hot place to be on a Monday night around here.

2 Eating

If you aren’t overly concerned with health, GMO’s and want to eat pure junk- the Livestock Auction is a great place to eat.  Or if you are super healthy but want to blow your diet in a BIG way – the sale barn will do the trick.  I stay away from the snack bar because I’m kind-of a health-food-nut.  But, there are lots of people there who seem to be enjoying the nachos, popcorn and chicken fingers.  I’m not gonna judge.


Adorable calves are always at the Sale Barn.  You just never know what (adorable) animals you’re gonna see come up for auction:  sheep, goats, pigs, potbellys, calves, cows.

4 Tailgating

OK, it’s technically not tailgating since there’s no food or beverages.  BUT there are so many furballs (and feather-balls) being sold in the parking lot out of the back of pick-up trucks.  It’s like a separate show in itself:  puppies, kittens, rabbits, chickens, guineas, turkeys, dogs and more.  You never know what you’re gonna see at the Livestock Auction.

5 Learning

I have learned much from the Sale Barn.  I’ve been introduced to new breeds of livestock.  I’ve learned new terminology.  I’ve learned not to scratch my head (I almost bought a goat last week).

6 Scripture & Christians

sale barn 8

Apparently, our Sale Barn is owned/ operated by Christians.  They have scripture signage hanging on every wall in the building.  If you wanted to learn more about Jesus, my local sale barn would be happy to help.  🙂

ONE Reason not to go to the sale barn

If I could make one change to my local sale barn it would be to turn it into a non-smoking facility.  

I’m not ragging on smokers. I put smoking in the same camp as eating at McDonalds.  Smoking is bad for me.  McDonald’s is bad for me.  Not sleeping enough is bad for me.  Not exercising is bad for me.

You get the picture.  There are a lot of things that I can do that are not benefiting my body – smoking is just one of them.

The reason I wish they would stop allowing smoking is because of my 4 children.  When half of the building is smoking, my kids get to smoke (second hand smoke) whether they want to or not.

They don’t get a choice.  🙁

sale barn 3

I still like the Sale Barn.  I prefer to go when the weather is nice and they have all the doors open and the smoke isn’t as smokey.

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