Basic Yeast Dough Recipe

Basic Yeast Dough – Slightly Sweet, Homemade, Easy

This recipe is great.  I use it all the time.   It is a very basic, yeast, bread dough with a bit of sweetness that can be used to make all sorts of baked goods.

yeast bread 1.25


I only use fresh milled flour for this recipe.  I have no idea what the end result would be if you used store-bought wheat flour.  I would think it would be similar, but – that stuff’s not good for me so I’m not eating it.


yeast bead 1.24


Please, go visit the step-by-step instructions here to get all the details and pictures.  🙂

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Slightly Sweet Basic Yeast Dough
This dough is slightly sweet, soft and perfect for rolls, buns, pizza crusts and even doughnuts.
Recipe Notes

Add water, honey, melted butter & milk to your mixer with dough hook attached. Sprinkle yeast over surface of liquid.  Turn mixer on low to mix in the yeast & turn off.  Cover the bowl & allow yeast to activate for 10-15 mintues.  Once yeast is bubbly add eggs.  Begin adding flour 3 cups at first & mix in.  Add the salt & mix in.  Continue adding flour one cup at a time while your dough hook is kneading.  Watch the dough as you add the flour.  When the dough begins to “clean the sides or pull away from the sides” you have added the correct amount of dough.

Set mixer to knead the dough on medium for 5 mintues.  Take out dough hook, cover & let rest for 15 mintues.  Remove cover, punch down dough & shape as desired.  After shaping dough, cover lightly and allow to rise before baking.  It should take 20-30 mintues (depending on the temperature in your kitchen) for your buns to double in size.

When they have doubled  remove the plastic, brush with egg wash if desired & place in a 340 degree oven.  Bake 30 minutes.

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