Real Food – Real Life – Real Farm – Start Your Journey Today!

Real Food – Real Life – Real Farm – Start Your Journey Today!

Hi Friend!

If this is your first visit – Welcome to!  I’m so glad you are here!  If you are a returning visitor – Welcome back!

Most of you know me, I’m Candi, former voice of thefarmbarb**.com.  I’m a hardcore, real food renegade.  I don’t just eat real – I raise it too.

I’m still blogging under the new name: FarmFreshForLife! 

Many of you have been asking, “What happened to your old site?” 

The answer is that I was forced to change the name.  It’s a long story with lawyers and copyrights and…  oops, I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong.

I was happy to distance myself from the classic name, it’s not mine after all.  But, it’s hard to change and start over – especially when it comes to blogging, websites and the internet.  Anyhow, I have a new name and a new site & it’s been an adventure.

“What happened to the Email updates?” 

If you’ve been scratching your head wondering why you haven’t heard from me or why you don’t get emails anymore…. The truth is:  I’m still sending them each week but because my blog name changed many email programs (clients) shove me in spam folders.

The email clients just don’t know who FarmFreshForLife is & assumes I’m spam.

It’s so sad.  🙁  I’m so sorry.  The easiest way to get back on the list is to sign up HERE for the new blog.  You’ll be added to the new database & get fresh updates.  You’ll also get the “Eating Guide” for free when you do!

What’s up?  

Let me show you what’s been going on around here…

Foodie & Homesteading News!


I’m a bit kooky when it comes to food.  If it’s real and God made it – I eat it.  If it’s fake, processed or made by companies I don’t.

It’s an easy way to live and eat. You won’t feel deprived.  You can eat anything you want as long as it’s real.  You can even bake til your hearts content, as long as the ingredients are real.  The results are amazing & it’s a lifestyle you can live on for…..  life.

If you haven’t grabbed your copy of my mini-book “How to Eat” you should get yours now.

It’s a thorough but concise look at diet, health and wellness.

Topics covered:

  • What is real food?
  • How to Cut out Processed foods.
  • The only “diet” that really works.
  • My personal journey to eat real foods and the impact it had on my health.

Get your copy today:  HERE.


The homesteading just keeps coming around here.  There is no end to the adventures, challenges and blessed life.  Here’s some of the Latest Articles in the Homesteading Arena:


What has been happening in your world?

I hope you have been enjoying the cooler temperatures and change of pace that fall brings.  I know it has been a welcomed change at our place.

Many, many blessings to all of you!  I am so grateful for everyone of you.  Thank you for reading, visiting and being a part of my life.

Don’t forget to sign up for the new blog HERE (you’ll get the Eating Guide for FREE when you do!)




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