Whole30 & Hating it…… Week 2 Review & Week 3 Menu

Whole30 & Hating it…… Week 2 Review & Week 3 Menu


Homemade guacamole

I ate 21 avocados in one week.  I had some help from my oldest daughter, but this seems like a lot of avocados to me.  Don’t even tell me how many calories are in an avocado.  I already know, thanks to my mom.

Will 21 avocados make you fat?   Well, the world may never know…


Another one of the “rules” of this Whole30 is that you are not allowed to weigh yourself.  At all.  Not once.  They even say that if you do weigh yourself that you technically broke the Whole30 and should start over.  Boo.

These people.

It makes me think of a blogger/friend of mine who went through Financial Peace University (by Dave Ramsey).  She and her hubs were getting out of debt and paying with cash for everything and living on beans and rice.  Dave has a great “get out of debt system” that encourages folks on the program to:

  • Spend cash from envelopes (every month you re-fill the slots for each category).
  • Only enter restaurants if you are working there.
  • Spend every dollar on purpose.
  • When you run out of money at the end of the month you stop spending – it’s that simple.
  • It’s old fashioned advice and it’s great.


“Dave” (the author of the program) became somewhat of a thorn in their flesh while they were in the trenches digging their way out of debt.

As they went about life, not being able to buy anything because of their newly adopted principles (good ones- of course) they affectionately began to refer to Dave Ramsey as “Damn Ramsey.”

Anytime she was denied some sort of purchase she would blame, “Damn Ramsey.”

The kids outgrew their jeans (again) and we have no money for new pants – Damn Ramsey.

I found curtains on clearance at Big Lots, but there’s no money left in the household envelope – Damn Ramsey.

I’m soooo tired of cooking & want to order a pizza – Damn Ramsey.

She wrote about her shenanigans often and whenever someone would invite them to dinner, lunch or to go do anything that involved money she would simply tell them all, “We can’t because – Damn Ramsey.”

She was soooooooooo funny.  I laughed every time she would say his “new” name.

I share this with you because I’m considering slandering the Whole30 people.

I now have a new definition of Whole30…. they are not “food freedom.”  They are not “whole foods” (fresh milled grain is whole, people).  They are mean.

Roasted root veggies with onions

Basically, if you want to really know what it is like to go through a Whole30 – Just think of all the foods you love most in this life & imagine someone taking them away from you for a month.

Yeah.  And they give you celery and carrots and beef instead.

I get the why behind what they are doing – It’s good – but it’s pretty miserable.

  1. I miss baking – there is no baking during a Whole30.  I truly don’t know what to do with myself.  I want to be in my kitchen crafting all sorts of scratch goodies (like pasta and scones and manicotti) for my family – but none of that is allowed.  I have HOURS with nothing to do…. BUT the garden looks great.
  2. I miss eating– eating is kinda boring on the Whole30.  It’s not that hard.  There’s plenty to eat.  I just would like a little more flare.  I want to do wild things with my proliferating asparagus that involve raw, jersey cream and fresh cheese….  but cream & cheese are not allowed.

So, I’ve been trying to rename this program to properly suit the punishment they are bestowing on all of us participating (willingly) in their torture.

Of course, I would never REALLY slander them – I think they are cool.  I love their program.  I dig their deal.  I would just like to slap them for a couple of their rules.

Like – no weighing yourself.

I am a scale person.

There are people who never weigh themselves.  They can just tell by how their pants fit & how they look in the mirror if they’ve put on a few pounds.

This doesn’t work for me.

I am 5 feet 7 inches tall.  This means I can gain 10 pounds before my jeans get tight.  I also have a husband, 4 children that I homeschool, a milk cow, a farm and a pawnshop – so I don’t look at myself much in mirrors until someone tells me I have cow poop on my face.


So, 30 days off a scale is not a vacation for me.  I’m pretty sure I won’t make it.  I think I’ve gained weight and it’s driving me crazy not to know.

I’m planning on doing a weigh-in at the halfway point unless one of you can convince me not to do it.  I just want to make sure I haven’t gained 7 pounds on the egg/ avocado binge I’ve been partaking in.

I am usually eating more fresh juice, oats, and home-milled grains.


The food is fine.  Dinners are fast and we’re eating pretty normal things.  I cook some sort of meat & make sides (veggies & salads).  It’s not hard – but it isn’t very exciting either.

The kids are hilarious.  Every night dinner is amusing.  I give them the Whole30 meal that I am eating, but sometimes make them some pasta or rice to go with it.  Other evenings (usually weekends) I’ll let them bake something fun (with fresh-milled flour, of course).  But, they are definitely a part of this.

Quotes from my kids this week:

  • “I’m not even on this Whole30 and I’m on it.”
  • “Mom, can I do it with you?  Can I have noodles for lunch?”
  • Asparagus AND sweet potatoes, together, on the same night – Ugh.”
  • “This is like eating an udder.”
  • “Mom, I’m starving, Please make me breakfast.  But make me something that does not involve eggs. I’m gonna die. “
  • “Mommy, what’s for breakfast?” Me:  “Steak & Eggs.”
  •  “Did you say ‘steak’?”

Yeah, Whole30 has it’s upsides, for sure.

Meal plan for this week

By the way, I don’t necessarily follow my meal plan exactly.  This is just the way I roll.  Life happens, moods change and I sometimes end up moving meals around or scratching them altogether.

I think of this more as a “Meal Guideline” or “Meal Inspiration.”  Feel free to steal some ideas – throw out what you don’t like & make it your own.

For those of you joining me on this adventure – How’s it going?  Have you cheated?  Have you had “kill everything Day?”  Have you got on a scale?

Share in the comments below!  I love to hear from you guys.

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