Surprising Benefits of Raising Our Own Food

Surprising Benefits of Raising Our Own Food

Benefits of Raising Our Own Food

I thought food came from the grocery store.  I thought if it was on the shelf, and the FDA had approved it for my consumption, then it must be fine for me to eat.

Apparently, I was wrong.

One way to be sure your food is clean is to raise it yourself.  I know that this is not possible for most folks, but for those of us who can…. it may bring with it more than just good food.

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We decided, as a family, that we would try to reclaim our food.

We wanted to know where our food came from.  We wanted to know how it was raised.  We wanted to know that the food we were putting into our bodies was going to give us life.

Our goal was to have food that was raised healthy, processed humanely and not from another continent.  We just wanted food… No drugs, no antibiotics, no pesticides, no fertilizers, no chemicals, no additives, no preservatives.  Just food.

This is how I came to own chickens, milk cows, pigs and a plethora of other food providing sources on our farm.

Don’t worry, we still splurge on delicious things that barely qualify as food.  We aren’t legalists, or perfect.  We just try to eat clean MOST of the time.

Surprisingly, we have found getting this food has given us even more.

Some Surprising Benefits that Came From Raising our own Food:

Benefit #1:  A connection with the Earth

I know that sounds all wierd and new-agey, which I am not.  I just feel like I am connected to the dirt.  I am part of the soil.  I didn’t just buy that tomato sauce.  I planted the seeds.  I watered the plants.  I picked the tomatoes.  I made the spaghetti sauce.  I canned it myself.  I am a part of that sauce.  Feeding my family on spaghetti night is not just an easy dinner.  It is a piece of me.  There is satisfaction that comes from producing your own food that can’t be found at a grocery.

Benefit # 2:  Self-Sufficiency

I am a long way from being self sufficient.  I have no desire to grow cotton, spin yarn or make shoes.  I am perfectly happy buying towels, socks and furniture at stores.  However, I have begun to grab a hold of my food sources.  I no longer feel like I would die of starvation if all the stores closed.  I can grow my own food.  I can cook what I grow.  I can preserve the abundance for winter.

There is an incredible peace that comes along with being able to provide sustenance for you and your family.

Benefit #3: Worth & Authenticism

There is something deeply moving and pleasing about raising animals, milking cows, growing gardens and spending time caring for these things.  My days are busy spending precious time with my children learning the skills of a lost era.  We have so many opportunities for fellowship, laughter and hard work.

Benefit #4:  Exercise

We get exercise and physical activity no matter what.  Any excuse I could come up with to avoid the gym, the jog or the workout video just doesn’t get you off the hook when you have a farm.  The animals must eat.  The chickens let out.  The cows milked.  The butter made.  And it is good.

My life is better.  My family is healthier.  I never want to go back.

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