Horses, Hay Rides, Tractors and Kids

Horses, Hay Rides, Tractors and Kids

We went to a friend’s house.  I got to pretend I was Laura on Little House On The Prairie.  Or, maybe my kids got to be Laura, and I was Caroline.

It was one of those cool places where you feel like you travelled back in time where people drive in horse-drawn carriages and wear hoop skirts.

It was a gorgeous evening.


I met some giant, Belgian Draft horses.


We went on a hay ride behind an antique John Deere Tractor.  My little girl who gets free stuff everywhere she goes got to drive the tractor.


I rode in this retro, super-cool, horse-drawn carriage.

We rode down the street.


We rode over the hills and valleys.

The views were unbelievable.

I even rode a horse.  His name is Cisco.  He was the sweetest horse I have ever met.  My children all got to ride Cisco too.  One at a time…….


Then our friend who owns the farm, and horses, decided to turn my 4 children into a circus act on top of Cisco.  Poor Cisco.

My youngest daughter,  the blonde on the back only fell off once. Which is impressive considering she is the most accident prone child on our farm.

Let’s take the clumsiest child here and have her STAND on the back of the horse.  Don’t worry, we caught her.

He had this old green wagon with wooden wheels.


I was in love with it.  Then my son pointed out this…


It’s a John Deere! John Deere has been making farm equipment since 1876.  I think they made this wagon the first week they opened.

Can I please take it home with me?  It would look great sitting outside my barn, or in front of my garden.  I’ll take good care of it.


His farm was lovely.  He’s pretty cool too.


I love the country.

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