Thanksgiving Top 10

Thanksgiving Top 10

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year.  We go to my Uncle’s house at noon,  eat until we can hardly breathe and sit by a huge bonfire until after dark.


Even if it is 25 degrees outside and there are snow flurries in the air, if the fire is big enough – you can not keep me away.  I sat by the fire for hours wrapped in a blanket.  Happy.

I wish I had some pictures to share, but I don’t.  I was too busy sitting by the fire, doing nothing.  Taking pictures would have required movement.  Around here Thanksgiving is not about movement.

Here’s the highlights of this Thanksgiving:

  1.  The bird.
  2.  Sitting by a bonfire during snow flurries.

  3.  Watching my brother ‘stoke’ the fire with a leaf-blower.

  4.  The leaf blower effect required everyone to move back approximately 15 feet so they didn’t catch on fire.

  5.  The end of the leaf blower melting.

  6.  The galvanized-steel fire-ring melting (Can that happen?)

  7.  My cousin propping his boots up on the galvanized-steel fire-ring (that was melting) and melting his boots.

  8.  My brother introducing all the kids to a new vocabulary during all the fire-melting escapades.

  9.  My precious new cousin, McKinley, sweet baby girl, (6 weeks old).

  10.  Being with family.

tanksgiving 068

Hope you had a Great Thanksgiving!

Sending love to you and yours!

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