Do Homesteaders Buy Groceries?

Do Homesteaders Buy Groceries?

Do Homesteaders Buy Groceries?

We raise much of our own food including meat, vegetables, some fruit, eggs, and dairy products.   When folks learn this the next thing they always ask is, “Do you go to the grocery?”

Yes.  I do.


This is my grocery of choice.  It is called Ruler Foods.

If you like Kroger, you may  like Ruler.  If you like Aldi, you’ll love Ruler.


Ruler Foods is one of those “put in a quarter for your grocery cart & you’ll get it back when you return the cart” sort of places.

You return the cart to the store.

You pay for the plastic bags.

You bag your own groceries.

You save money.

Ruler Foods sells Kroger “seconds.”  All the excess, and problematic products that were bound for Kroger but somehow didn’t make the cut, are sold at Ruler Foods.  They have boxes with missing prints.  They have buns that didn’t get sliced all the way through.  They have sour cream that is a little on the thick side.  So, if you like a good deal, don’t mind slicing your own buns, and like thick sour cream – you should go to Ruler Foods.

Prices are beyond low and they even have a great organic selection.


A dozen Eggs $.79


Butter $2.29.  Buns are $.89 and Milk is as low as $1.89 per gallon.

I don’t need bread, milk, butter or sour-cream because I make my own.

  • How to make Butter here
  • How to make Bread here
  • How to milk a cow here

so what do I buy at the grocery?

Bacon – for one thing.

Last year I had 2 pigs.  I ran out of bacon in January.  That is why I have 3 pigs this year.  I don’t want to buy bacon.

Some other things I buy at the store include:  cat litter, cat & dog food, ziplock bags, foil, plastic wrap, nuts, and coffee beans.

No matter how self-sufficient I get I just don’t see myself making my own ziplock bags or growing coffee beans.  I don’t even think that’s possible in Kentucky.   I don’t have to go to the grocery often but I do have to go.

Ruler Foods is 1 block away from my favorite store in the world:  Dattilo’s.  Read more about Dattilo’s here.


Which is 1 block away from where my children take music lessons every Monday afternoon.

They make music.  I get food.

What you are about to see next cracks me up…..


Ruler Foods is old.  See this door.


See this pad on the ground.


When I step on this pad …….


This happens.

The door pops open.   Can I get an “Oh Yeah” from 1970?  Anyone?

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