Garden! Garden! Garden!  See What’s Growing in Kentucky

Garden! Garden! Garden! See What’s Growing in Kentucky

If someone would move my bed to my garden I’m pretty sure I’d live there.

I am a homeschooling mom and my garden tends to distract me from my children’s education.

Anyone else?

Whoever says that children get, “Spring Fever” at the end of the school year was right…..

What they failed to mention is that this teacher has a worse case than her students.

I’m worthless.  I get off to a good start.  We have breakfast.  We get some math drills in, a good bible story and then the sun gets high in the sky and I’m gazing out the windows day-dreaming of planting potatoes and turnips.

It doesn’t take too much effort to convince my children to plant potatoes.

Hmmmmm?  Latin or potatoes?  Algebra or potatoes?


At least, we can call it science.  Math can wait for a rainy day (trust me, we have plenty of those in spring).

april garden 11

The perennials are doing their thing.  They give me food every year whether I plant or not.  Glorious, marvelous, fabulous Asparagus!

To grow your own asparagus go here.

april garden 4

Here is the herb, garden bed.  It isn’t impressive right now because the herbs are just coming back.  I have oregano, thyme, lemon thyme, rosemary, sage & chives.  I moved the lemon balm and the mint to the woodline because they were taking over my garden.

The basil & cilantro are in my house growing in a make-shift green house & will move to the garden in 2 weeks.  Go here to see my homemade greenhouse.

april garden 2

I put in some broccoli.  This goes against all my natural instincts because of the lifelong battle I am having with cabbage worms.  Go here to read about that.

Because I am no quitter, here I go again.

I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve this year to (try to) keep the cabbage-worm invasion to a minimum.  This includes neem oil and plants wearing panty hoes.  I will be sure to keep you updated as to whether either of these plans hold water.  I am a skeptic & will get back to you with truth.

april garden 1

Here’s the garlic.  It is beautiful.

april garden 3

I also put in some cabbage to go along with the broccoli feast for the worms.  This is Chinese cabbage and will also be sporting panty hoes in a couple of weeks to keep those yellow butterflies from pooping all their eggs out on my veggies.

april garden 6

Sugar snap peas are beginning to find the trellis.

april garden 7

This bed is impressively busy.  It is growing lettuce and kale and more lettuce and more kale.  2 varieties of lettuce, 2 versions of kale.

april garden 9

I eat lettuce and kale because it helps me get along with my pants.

april garden 8

Red Kale!  It’s just so pretty.  I think they should have called it “purple” kale, but no one asked me.  Speaking of asking me,  if you want to laugh – you should go read this post:  I Can’t Imagine Anything Worse.

april garden 10

Onions.  Yes, I planted 4 beds of onions.  And, we will not have enough.  No matter how many onions (or garlic for that matter) I grow it is never enough.  They don’t rot.  They don’t spoil.  They hang in my basement and I cook with them until we run out……. usually some time in December.  I just can’t grow enough to last us all year.

I need a bigger garden.

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