Could You Eat Only Farm Fresh Food? (and Why You should!)

Could You Eat Only Farm Fresh Food? (and Why You should!)

Could You Eat Only Farm Fresh Food?

Just imagine you only ate food sold at a farm stand.  Things like fruit, vegetables, nuts, farm-raised meat, fresh butter, honey, and handmade preserves?  And nothing else.

If your farm stand is closed for the season, imagine shopping the perimeter of your local fresh market.  Fruits, veggies, meat, eggs, cheese, and nuts.

How would your health change?

How would your weight change?

How would you feel?

It would be much more than a healthy way to eat.

It would truly affect your life.  When you eat better you will be healthier, feel better, sleep better and have more energy.  This isn’t just promoting a more nutritious life, it is a better life.  Eating well has long been connected with feeling better and being happier.

In addition to improving your quality of life, by eating real foods from local markets and farmers you will also be supporting community.  You would be investing in your local economy.

I went on a farm fresh food mission for the summer.  It started in May and except for a 1-week vacation from the farm, I have been faithful.

And it feels great.

In 2016 our family went on this crazy adventure where we ate only foods from our hands.  Read all about it here.  There were strict rules & we only ate meat we raised (or killed), veggies we grew, the food we foraged, grains we ground, dairy from our cows, and maple syrup from trees for 101 days.

It was incredible.  We had more energy, lost weight, we felt better, we were definitely healthier.

I want the results to last forever…. but I knew I couldn’t keep up the pace of preparing every single meal from scratch.  I needed relief.  I needed rest.  I needed someone else to cook for me.

I remember when I saw my Aunt about 10 weeks into the challenge.  I had lost around 12 pounds at that point.  She looked at me and said, “You look so great!  If you’ll cook all my meals, I’ll do it with you!”

That’s the kicker.  If someone else would cook all the meals for me I think I would eat this way forever.

So, this summer I set out on a new adventure.

The Challenge:  Only Farm Fresh Food.  Only Whole Grains.  Nothing processed.

How was this different?

  • I ate ANY food that grows – not just the food I grew (yay!  avocados!)
  • I ate at restaurants (I ordered real foods when eating out)
  • I ate at friends and family homes

Ya know what?

It was a sensational success.  At least, I think it was.  I weigh the same that I did on the Homesteaders Food Challenge.  I feel just as energized and healthy.

BEST OF ALL, I’m not exhausted.  I’ve been eating clean, real foods since May (that’s almost 5 months as of today) and I’m not ready to stop.  I’m not tired.  I’m not counting down days.

This, I could do forever, and you can too.

You don’t need a farm, garden or a chicken to be successful.

Just eat real.

You can even eat bread, pasta, and (occasionally) sweets.  You’re just gonna need a mill (and whole grains).  More on why you should grind your own wheat berries here.  More on what to buy and how to start grinding here.

Fresh Milled Flour Intro: 

If you make your baked goods with freshly milled flour they will be truly whole-meal grain and supremely healthy.  Freshly milled flour has over 40 vitamins and minerals (compared with the 4-5 that store-bought bread is enriched with).  With a mill, you can make all your bread, wraps, pitas, tortillas, and pasta.  And they will be good for you.

Are you are ready to make the switch to real food for good?

Is it time for you to give up the convenience foods that you are holding onto?

Do you know that processed foods are laced with known carcinogens and additives that are known to be toxic (like aspartame, BHT, and TBHQ)?

Here are the top excuses I hear from people holding onto processed foods: 

Excuse #1:  Eating Real Foods is too hard

I’ve been at it for a long time.  It takes some preparation and planning, but it’s not hard.   Look for foods without ingredients (eggs, meat, nuts, fruit, veggies).

When you cook – double everything.  This provides lunches for the next day and food for the freezer (to reheat for fast meals).

Excuse #2:  If I only Eat Real Foods I’ll Starve

Nope, you won’t starve.  There is so much to eat!

OH, the food!  Real food is amazing.  Making the switch to only real foods will stretch you at first, but I believe it will make your life simpler in the long run.

Most real-food meals involve the main entre (meat) and a side.  This is actually much quicker and easier than making casseroles.

Fresh veggies, grass-fed steaks, lettuce wraps, real butter, sour cream, coffee with CREAM and maple syrup, apple tarts sweetened with maple syrup, scones, freshly baked bread, fried chicken, mashed potatoes… there are no sacrifices.

Excuse #3:  We are Meat & Potatoes People

If you are a ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of family, real-food-eating will sing to your soul… because guess what?  Meat and potatoes are both real food.  Can I get an Amen?

Let’s face it, many ‘healthy meal plans’ or paleo-style meals are wierd.   If maple-mustard salmon and roasted bok choy don’t sound like a meal to your family – the real food meals found on this site will make you happy.

Excuse #4:  I Can’t Grow Food – I live in a neighborhood

Many of you are dreaming of having your own farm someday but you are in a neighborhood or place where you can’t grow food now.

It doesn’t matter if you have a farm or not, you can eat farm fresh foods.  Even those of us who have farms, sometimes we have crop fails or seasons when we purchase fresh food from other places.

Local growers and farm markets need customers just like you (and me) to support them.

Excuse #5:  I Don’t know how to start

If you have been wanting to get healthy and clean up your diet, but not sure how to start – I can help.  I have been eating real food for years and have hundreds of recipes for preparing fresh foods that don’t sacrifice on flavor.

Here at Farm Fresh For Life, we have a Membership Community just for people like you.  It’s an amazing resource for growing food, making bread with fresh flour and preparing clean, real-food meals.  We even provide the menus and shopping lists!

If you want to chat or have questions – email me!

I’d love to hear from you.



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