Can a Female Rabbit get Pregnant While she is Pregnant?

Can a Female Rabbit get Pregnant While she is Pregnant?

Can a female rabbit get pregnant with a second litter of kits while she is pregnant?

This is the question.

wabbit Collage

Well, we had a live science experiment here at thefarmbarbie homestead that determined the answer to this obscure question.

It all began the day our Mama-bunny, Bama, gave birth to her naked moles last month.  After discovering the litter of kits we immediately removed the Buck (who used to be Lola, but now is Mudd, but I usually just call him Buck).

  • Go here to see the naked moles (ie:  baby bunnies)
  • Go here to see Lola when he was a girl (we thought)
  • Go here to see the identity crisis unraveling (bunny mating)
  • Go here to see our baby bunnies growing up

Things never get boring around here.

I was working at the pawnshop exclaiming to everyone who walked through the door that I had baby naked moles in my rabbit hutch and giving them all the opportunity to congratulate me.  I’m good like that.

This is when Mr. Friend (go here to meet him) informed us that female rabbits can conceive a second litter up to 4 days before giving birth to the litter they are currently carrying.



A rabbit can get pregnant while she is pregnant.

Yes, that’s what he said.  He also said to mark our calendar because in 25 days we would have another litter of kits.

I did.

Guess what happened?

25 days later…….


No kits.  No second litter.  I thought we were in the clear.

Guess what happened 2 days after the 25 day mark (that’s 27 days)……

6 more kits.


It looks as if she did get pregnant while she was pregnant.

Can you even imagine?!

wabbit 4



Yes!  A bunny can get pregnant while she is pregnant.

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