Blackberry Pound Cake

Blackberry Pound Cake

Blackberry Pound Cake

I make a classic, perfect coffee cake every year for Christmas Morning Breakfast.

It is a Sour Cream Coffee Cake and it is the best coffee cake I’ve ever tasted.  I recently posted the Lemon Blueberry version of this fabulous cake.  Go here to see it.

Today, I am going to show you how to turn the sour cream coffee cake into a Blackberry Pound Cake.


The base is the same – we’re going to leave out the cinnamon and nuts & add some blackberries.  So easy!

blueberry 1 Collage

Begin by melting the butter.  Pour in the sugar and whip it with a whisk.  Add the 2 eggs & whisk again.  Then add the sour cream & vanilla and whisk.  No electric mixer needed a whisk works.

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In a separate bowl combine flour, salt, and baking powder.  Add dry ingredients to the wet stuff.  

Pour the batter into a greased, floured, parchment-papered (or whatever tricks you like to use to get your cake to fall out) bundt pan.

black berry Collage

After you pour the batter in, sprinkle the berries on top.  Gently “mash” the berries just under the surface.  During baking the berries will should evenly distribute throughout the coffee cake.

I don’t fold my berries into the batter because I usually destroy the berries and turn my cake purple.  🙂

Leaving them near the surface also seems to encourage the little guys to stay in the cake and not all sink to the bottom (or top depending on if you’ve flipped your bundt over yet).

blueberry 12

Bake the cake for about an hour.   Take it out when it is lightly browned and a toothpick comes out clean.

blueberry 13

Next, make some icing.  Butter, vanilla, lemon juice, milk, powdered sugar and a pinch of salt.

If your icing is too thick, thin it with small amounts of milk as needed to drizzle.  bluberry 14

You want the icing to be thin enough that it drips down the sides of the cake, but thick enough so that your cake doesn’t end up sitting in an icing bath.

Thick, but pour-able – this is the goal.

Tip:  Wait until the cake is completely cooled before you pour on the icing.  If the cake is still warm when you top it, the warmth will make your icing even thinner.  

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Blackberry Pound Cake
This pound cake is made with fresh, whole blackberries. The end result is fresh, bright, sweet and wonderful. If you don't have any blackberries on hand you could easily substitute raspberries or blueberries.
bundt cake
Blackberry Pound Cake
Lemon Butter Cream Glaze
bundt cake
Blackberry Pound Cake
Lemon Butter Cream Glaze
Recipe Notes

To make Cake:

First melt the butter.  Add the sugar and whip it together with a whisk.  Then add the eggs.  Mix well.  Add the sour cream & vanilla.  Mix well.   Never beat.   Combine dry ingredients in separate bowl: baking powder, salt and flour.  Add dry ingredients to wet & mix again.  Remember – you don’t need to beat.

Spray the heck out of the inside of the bundt pan with some non-stick spray.  Then flour it.  Shake out excess flour.  Then add parchment paper, or foil or anything you have to prevent your cake from being permanently stuck in your bundt pan.  If it does get stuck go here to see how I get them out.

Pour the batter in the pan, top with blackberries.  Gently “push” the berries into the cake (just under the surface).

Bake it 340 degrees for 1 hour, or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Let cool 10-15 minutes & turn cake out of bundt pan.

To Make Glaze:

First melt the butter.  Mix in vanilla, salt, lemon juice & milk.  Add powdered sugar.  This should not be “spread-able.” This is a runny-ish icing.  You want it to be fluid so it will run down the sides of the coffee-cake and fill the grooves and look pretty.  Spoon on top of cool bundt cake and let it run down the sides.


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