Happy Kentucky Derby

Happy Kentucky Derby

Today is the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby is quite the deal if you happen to live anywhere near Louisville, KY (which we do).

The world stops.  The schools close.  The businesses close.  Don’t even think about going to the grocery store after Wednesday before Derby Day.  You’ll be sorry.

Derby Hats.  Derby Parties.  Derby Festivals.  Derby Fireworks.  Derby Parades.  Derby Boat Race.  Derby Balloon Race.  Derby Bed race.  Derby Horses.

It’s Derby Mania.  There’s food tasting.  There’s wine tasting.  There’s special events.  There’s famous people from all over the world right here right now.

“The most exciting 2 minutes in sports”  is here and it’s exciting.

The Derby is a race of 3 year old thoroughbreds.  It is the first race of the American Triple Crown. The other 2 races follow the Derby. They are the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.  A horse must win all 3 races to win the Triple Crown.

The Kentucky Derby is unique in that it has run every year consecutively since 1875.   It also has the highest attendance of any race in America.

Being at Churchill Downs and watching the running of the Kentucky Derby is like watching history. The Derby is sometimes referred to as “The Run For The Roses.”  This is because, since 1883 the winning horse of the Derby has been awarded a gorgeous blanket of 554 red roses.

Some things you will want to do at the Kentucky Derby:

  • Go to the paddock so you can see the horses up close.
  • Have a Mint Julep.  It is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby.
  • Dress to impress and be sure to wear a hat!
  • Eat Derby Pie.  This delicious chocolate and nut pie is a Kentucky secret.  Best enjoyed warm with a side of ice-cream.
  • Hold on to your hat when the entire crowd of 160,000 people stand as the starting gates are loaded and the band begins to play the State Anthem and prepare to cry.
  • Be sure to bet on your favorite horse.  I’m famous for $2 bets.  I never win big, but I never loose big either.  And I always have fun.
  • Last, be on the look out for famous faces.  There are always celebrities milling about Churchill Downs on Derby day.  Presidents, royalty, sports stars, Hollywood stars, have all graced the city of Louisville, KY the first Saturday in May.

If you ever get a chance to attend the Kentucky Derby, please say, “Yes” and take me with you. We will have a blast!

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