Reasons to Grow Flowers in Pots

Reasons to Grow Flowers in Pots

Reasons to Grow Flowers in Pots

This one is for the 22 readers on my blog that like flowers.

Why would I write about flowers if no one cares?

Because I LOVE FLOWERS and because it’s my blog.  And you should grow flowers, so you can love them as much as I do.

flower container 1

I have an assortment of ceramic containers sporadically placed all over my back deck.  They are bursting with flowers and color and joy.

flower container 5


Reason one to Grow Flowers in Pots- DH says so.

If DH had it his way we would have grass all the way up to our house all the way around.  No landscaping.  No bushes.  No trees.  No mulch.  No ivy.  No flowers.  Nothing but grass.

DH doesn’t like edging, trimming, raking, mulching, planting, or any other yard work associated with landscaping.  I on the other hand want nothing but a yard filled with plants, flowers and ornamental bushes.  Our compromise was pots.

flower container 4

Reason 2 to Grow Flowers in Pots – It’s Neat and Clean

Traditional “flower gardens” that are grown in yards just seem to look exhausted to me.  A couple of farms down from us there is a flower garden that looks like some dynamite would improve it.  The fencing is falling over.  The walkways are crooked and washing away.  There are broken bricks everywhere covered in weeds and over growth.  I think there were actually flowers in there at some point, but now it is just a mess of weeds.

Yours may be fabulous, but you are probably working hard at it.

flower container 6

Pots to the rescue!

When the assorted flowers are contained they are easy to manage, trim, keep clean and looking great.  I have seen about 4 weeds in the past 7 years in my potted flowers.

I LOVE my pots.

Reason 3 to Grow Flowers in Pots – Simple & Fast

You can add 2 pots to your outdoor area to dress it up or you can add 20.  It’s up to your desires and your budget.  Adding another pot is as simple as going to the next yard sale & buying one.  No tilling, no mulch, no soil preparation, no heavy equipment needed.

Growing flowers (or vegetables) in containers is easy, fast and just about anyone can do it.  Every spring I head out to Amish Country to purchase my flowers for the year.  I usually buy all hanging baskets & transplant them into my containers.

flower container 9

Panting my container garden is a breeze.  On flower day I head out to Amish country in the morning and load the minivan with flowers – by that afternoon my porch is a glorious, rainbow of life.

We spend most of the warm months outdoors around here.  If you are outside with me, at my farm, you will hear me say at least 5 times, “Did you see my flowers?”  “Aren’t they beautiful!?”  “Look at those colors!”  “Aren’t they pretty!”  “Did you see all the butterflies on my flowers?”

I realize that my love of flowers makes me a dork, or maybe it makes me old, or maybe you think it’s a waste of time & money. You just don’t know how much I LOVE my flowers. Our weather allows me to have these beauties from April until about November (depending on when the first frost hits).

For me, it’s worth every bit of work, watering, and money.

For more on how to keep your potted plants healthy go here.

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