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Why Memberships?

In short, they asked for it.  🙂

I had so many people writing in and asking me about this homestead.  Asking me about fresh flour.  Wondering how on earth I milled my own wheat.  They wanted to come to my farm.  They wanted me to teach them.  They wanted videos.  They wanted more.

I’ve been teaching classes locally since 2009 and when my internet community asked for them, I instantly wanted to provide.  I just needed to figure out how to do it.

I researched, met with some experts and settled on a membership website.

It was a difficult decision.

I considered hosting live webinars or producing a downloadable class before settling on the memberships.  The Membership option was the clear winner.

Live webinars require somewhat decent internet (which I don’t have) and would be expensive to put together.

Producing classes and selling them was a viable option, but the classes would be expensive.  I don’t know how much you know about online classes, but they cost anywhere from $99 to over $1000.  This is actually reasonable, but can be a lot to swallow for most of us.

A Membership website would allow me to provide huge amounts of material with a small price tag. 

By starting a Membership Website I could provide the breadmaking classes, create homesteading videos, teach people about getting started in homesteading and not need to charge hundreds of dollars.

Additionally, I could continue to upload new content ALL THE TIME.  I can add new videos and new material every week.  Unlike a $200 online class that is purchased and its over.   A membership is always evolving.  Not only do you get the classes, the videos, and the content; it is constantly growing, improving and giving you more.

I was instantly sold on the Membership idea.  But, not everyone liked it.  

I have had so many people complain about the monthly charge.  It’s kinda funny.  They were really mad that I started a membership.  Like, personally offended that I was not providing all of my books, classes, and content for free.  I had one person write to me and tell me that I had no right to charge for my website.

People are kooky.

I have had several people contact me to see if I would provide the first month FREE so they could try it before they buy it (keep in mind we are talking about $10).

Just in case you aren’t sure how the membership works, let me explain.

The day anyone joins the membership community they have FULL membership privileges.  This means:

  1. Access to all the Free eBooks (to download and keep forever)
  2. Access to the entire Breadmaking course
  3. Access to all homesteading videos
  4. Access to nearly 400 premium posts and recipes
  5. Access to the completely new site:  Just Tell Me What to Cook
  6. Access to all the meal plans, shopping lists, recipe-free meals, and inside peeks into my kitchen and homestead

No.  I’m not going to give this away for free.

It’s worth $10.

It’s actually worth about $200.

And, honestly, this is not the person I want to become a member.  If someone does not have $10 to spare each month – I want them to keep their money and go by some organic apples.

I have never had someone join and complain that they didn’t get their money’s worth.  My goal is for every member to feel like they are getting way more than $10 worth of goods and services.

BUT I hope that’s not the only reason why the members are here.  I hope they are here because they believe in a world where animals live in pastures.  I hope that they want children to learn where food comes from.  That they want others to learn that real food, the way that God made it, is good for our bodies and will make us healthy.

Your membership is more than a ticket to some homesteading videos and classes on how to make fresh bread;  it is an investment in a better world.  And I am so thankful for every one of you.  Your investment is only a little bit of money, but it allows me to continue writing…  Continue taping…  Continue researching… and teaching the truth about food.  Without the Membership community, Farm Fresh For Life would not be here. 

There are plenty of folks who would don’t want to pay for a Membership site.  That’s OK.

  • This little Membership site was built for those who want to learn to eat real food. 
  • Those who want to make healthy, delicious bread.
  • Those who want to grow some or all of their food.
  • For those of us who believe that what we eat matters and how our food is raised and prepared matters.

I’ve been at this real food thing for years.  I can tell you it works.  It has made me better, healthier, and given me the gift of smaller pants.

None of us knows what the future holds.  Maybe arthritis, maybe cancer, maybe Crohns, maybe mental problems,  who knows?  I can’t prevent everything, but I can feed my body healthy foods.  I can provide nourishing and healing meals to my family.

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