Rabbit Attack

Rabbit Attack

I want to thank everyone who reached out on Facebook this week with love, prayers, advice and even offering to give us new bunnies.  You guys are amazing.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Well, I am working on an instructional manual post on how to help your rabbits NOT DIE.  Thanks to all of your advice I think I am now an expert.  Not only could I write a book on “How to Help Your Rabbits Stay Alive”  I think I am the poster child for, “What NOT to do when Keeping Rabbits.”

Go me!

No, I am not the person to be writing either of these subjects, since all my rabbits (except one) were killed this week.



Darn it.  Darn it. Darn it.

If you happen to be hearing about the attacks for the first time, here’s the short version:

rabbit attack 1

We came home on Tuesday evening to find our rabbit hutches torn to tatters. The fronts of the hutches were literally ripped off and lying on the ground.   There were bunny parts everywhere.  It was horrible.  One of the does (female rabbit) was apparently pregnant it because there were even baby bunnies still in their sacks lying on the ground dead. Two of the bunnies were missing.

DH and my oldest son grabbed some flashlights and went searching for the 2 missing bunnies.  They came back to the house empty handed.

It appears that a German Shepherd and another large dog were to blame.  Since the bunnies were only killed and not eaten, we figured it was a dog.  The next morning we were able to find dog footprints around the cages.  We also heard later from our neighbors that they saw 2 dogs in our yard.

Tuesday night, I tucked very weepy children into their beds.  Wednesday morning when DH left for work he spotted one of the bunnies in the Cow field. He scooped up a very tired and grateful Hulk (our buck) and brought him back to the house. Words cannot describe the joy on my children’s faces when they saw that rabbit!   One of the bunnies had survived the attack!  It was one of those moments that brings tears to any mother’s eyes.

rabbit attack 2

After being hugged for about an hour, Hulk spent the rest of Wednesday morning asleep in my living room. After his 3 hour nap he woke up to snacks and celery.  Since his home is currently demolished, Hulk is enjoying the privilege of living with the ferret.

rabbit attack 3

Our ferret cage boasts an upstairs and downstairs with a closable doorway dividing the two.  We closed the door, removed all the ramps and now have a rabbit living upstairs and a ferret living downstairs. It’s like bunk beds.

We decided the ferret should be the one to get pooped on since he always stinks anyway.  So, we now have 2 furry, happy critters in our homeschool room.

rabbit attack 4

It is NO FUN when your animals die.  No matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

If your small child is crying because his goldfish died – I will not laugh.  I will not judge.  I will hug him and tell him I am very sorry that his goldfish is dead.  Because it stinks.

If you have animals you are going to loose animals.  Period.  The end.

This reality doesn’t make it any easier when an animal suddenly, unexpectedly, prematurely dies (or is killed).

It’s kind of funny when you realize that many of the animals around here are going to be killed by us (so we can have food), but I am upset when someone or something else kills them.  Whether it’s  a coyote, opossum, raccoon, dog, round-up or other outside party, it’s equally sad because it wasn’t intentional, it wasn’t time and you just feel violated.


rabbit attack 8

Yes, we are going to continue keeping rabbits.  I never would have guessed that we would enjoy having rabbits so much.

  1. My children play with them all the time.
  2. It is common to find a rabbit in our homeschool room during school.
  3. They are easy to keep.

We have our favorite buck in the world, Hulk, and a dear friend is giving us a doe.  We can’t wait to meet our new doe and are looking forward to baby bunnies this summer.

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