Don’t Scare The Mama

Don’t Scare The Mama

In case you are just tuning in.  There a a couple of unspoken rules at our house.

  1. Don’t scare the Mama
  2. Don’t tickle the Mama
  3. Don’t wake the Mama

To hear more on “Don’t Wake the Mama” go here.

I’m also going to confess that I am not the right person to scare.  It is likely that scaring the Mama in this house could result in:

  • Screaming
  • jumping
  • involuntary retaliation
  • bodily injury
  • Throwing mom’s back out

I simply do not recover gracefully from being startled.  If a small child jumps out from a closet I don’t have fun;  I have a heart attack.  I do not respond well to practical jokes.  Ever.  And,  I hate April Fools Day.


Most people laugh and consider it big-fun to scare and be scared. Not me.  I do not recover well from a good scare, and I do not recover quickly either.

This, of course, makes scaring me all the more fun.  If you scare Dad, nothing happens.  If you scare your siblings, you will pay dearly when they get you back.  If you scare Mama (that’s me), I’ll scream, run, panic or start swinging at the air.

I realize that this just makes me the perfect candidate for the scare.  I’m jumpy, I’m an easy scare, and it’s hilarious (as long as you’re not me).

In the 14 years that children have been scaring this Mama, I can thing of exactly 800 scenarios where it didn’t end well.  If I happened to handle it nicely and graciously on the outside…. you can bet that I was not happy on the inside.

You can scare your siblings, you can scare your dad.  But, please, for her sanity,  don’t scare the Mama.


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