Diets Don’t Work – This Does – How to Start Eating Farm Fresh This Week

Diets Don’t Work – This Does – How to Start Eating Farm Fresh This Week

Hello friends!

I am kinda getting an unusual reputation for diets.

Not that I am on “diets” as they are traditionally known.  I am not eating this way to lose weight, gain muscle, lose inches or get in shape.

What I am trying to do is eat clean, real, whole foods that are as fresh as possible.

My “diets” are more of food challenges, adventures and trials.  I really need a new word, because as soon as I try to explain what on earth I am doing, the word “diet” always flows out of my mouth – which gives everyone the wrong impression.

If you are new to my blog, here are some of the food experiences I’ve been on in the past year:

  1.  Homesteaders Food Challenge – this was invented by me, and it was a personal challenge to see if I could live on only food I obtained with my own hands for 101 days.  It was eye opening, detoxing and life changing.  It was one of the coolest things I have ever done.  I have never been the same.
  2. Mini – Homesteaders Food Challenge – this was a 50 day version of my 101 day challenge.  The kicker with this round was: I did it in the middle of winter.  Consuming all your own food in winter in Kentucky is quite a  program.  Although it was much shorter, the mini-challenge was also beneficial and educational.  I loved it.
  3. Whole30 – This is a 30 day reset invented by the Paleo folks intended to break addictions, detox, reset and help determine any food aversions, intolerances or allergies.  It was not a great experience for me, but I think it is beneficial to folks not accustomed to eating real foods.

You can see that I am often on an unusual eating decree.  I spent much of the last year avoiding food.  So, everyone I know (friends, family, or anyone who happened to be around me when I opened my lunch box in a restaurant) was aware that I was the crazy girl who doesn’t eat.

My reputation still follows me and makes me laugh.  DH ordered pizza for the family the other night for dinner.  Yes, I eat pizza (When I’m not on a challenge).  After he placed the order I asked him if he got me my favorite (buried in veggies) pizza and he said, “No.”  He then jumped back on his pizza app and ordered another pizza for me.  He said he was so used to me not eating pizza, he didn’t even think to order me anything.

  • Some count points.
  • Some count calories.
  • Some count fat grams.
  • Some count carbs.

I hate counting.  I just want to eat.  I don’t think God made bad foods.

I think companies make bad food.

I think if we eat real foods as they were created we can be free from “counting.”

Eat whatever – whenever – lose weight – have energy

feel better – be healthier


You can have food freedom too.

As I have waded through the past year of eating homegrown things and whole things and healthy things I’ve learned a bunch.

  1. It is healthy.  I did not consume a preservative, additive, hormone, coloring, pesticide, herbicide, chemical or any other “added” ingredient for most of last year.  This is mind blowing.
  2. Anyone can Play.  As I waked the path, eating only foods from my hands, I learned 2 things from you:
    1. Many People are excited about this way of eating.  I can’t tell you how many of you reached out to me with encouragement, enthusiasm and support.  I have no doubt that many of share my goal.  You want to stop consuming what America is feeding you.  You want to take control of your food.  You want to eat clean, real, fresh foods.
    2. Many of you don’t have the ability (yet) to grow all your food.  Another unanimous theme was that although many of you would LOVE to do what I am doing, you can’t.  The factors preventing people from living this life was different for everyone (time, money, land, space, physical limitations, etc.) but nonetheless, they were roadblocks.

So many of you have the “want to” but not quite the circumstances to grow your own food.

A Farm Fresh Life is obtainable for everyone.  You don’t have to move to the country, buy acreage or milk a cow to eat real, whole, fresh foods.  You can do it anywhere (as long as you have access to farmers, markets and quality foods).

I have to say that it’s not hard to make the switch to real foods and the results are pretty impressive.

I’ll never be 25 again.  We can’t change our age, but we can change the way we look and feel.

If you want a slimmer, healthier, more energetic version of you – here’s the prescription:

What you can eat:

  1. Any food without labels (eggs, fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, beans, oats, wheat berries, etc.)
  2. Any food without ingredients
  3. Meat (pastured, local if possible)
  4. Fruit & Veggies
  5. Nuts & seeds
  6. Beans and Legumes
  7. Wholemeal grains including:  wheat berries, rye berries, whole oats, whole corn, kamut, spelt, etc. (must be “wholemeal” which means the entire grain is intact).  For more on REAL whole grains go to the “kitchen” icon at the top of this page & select bread/ fresh flour.
  8. Honey, Real 100% pure Maple Syrup, Molasses

What you can’t eat:

  1. Nothing processed
  2. Nothing altered
  3. Nothing with an ingredient list
  4. No store-bought flour – not even whole wheat or whole grain (they are not wholemeal – read this post for the truth about store-bought flour)
  5. No store-bought corn meal
  6. No sugar or artificial sweeteners  (no cane sugar, turbinado, sucanat, cane juice crystals, etc.)
  7. No fast food

Where to buy the healthiest foods

You can buy these food at farmers markets, roadside stands or your favorite grocery.  The closer the foods are grown to you the better.  The less they travel the better.  The more organic the better.

Do I have to eat organic?

I’m not going to be exclusive about GMO’s and organic foods because these are not always available, not always affordable and not always necessary.

I think an apple that was sprayed with pesticides is a better choice than McDonald’s fries.  I also think that popping fresh, GMO popcorn (on the stove-top) is a better choice than a Little Debbie Snack Cake.

Of course organic is best, but if you can’t find it or afford it – get the bag of regular apples & wash them.

You don’t need to diet ever again.  Eat real food.  Eat fresh bread.  Enjoy everything.  

For much more about eating real, whole foods download my free mini-book How to Eat – A Eaters Manual HERE.  It will get you started on a road to a better you.

If you want to get really deep, consider joining the blog.  Membership is only $4.99 per month and you’ll get the free eBooks, videos, premium posts, premium recipes, menu plans and a look at all the stuff going on behind the scenes around here.  New premium content is going up all the time.

Stay healthy guys!





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