Day 9 & 10 – Final Weigh-in, Final Thoughts but NOT the Final Juice :)

Day 9 & 10 – Final Weigh-in, Final Thoughts but NOT the Final Juice :)

10 Days of Juicing – Final Weigh-in, Final Thoughts but NOT the Final Juice

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I’ve been juicing all my daytime foods and eating delicious, clean dinners for 10 days straight.  I have snacked on raw fruits and vegetables.  I have consumed as much fresh juice as I could possibly stand.  And I’ve been eating like a king at supper.

I was hoping to drop 5 pounds during this juicing adventure.  I didn’t.  I did lose 4.

Being back (almost) to my normal weight is definitely a win – but the learning experience and the way I feel are the best parts of this 10-day adventure.

Here is the rest of the story:

I enjoy these sort of “food challenges.”

Here’s a couple of my past adventures:

Homesteaders Food Challenge:  I spent months eating only foods from my hands – just to see if I could do it.  I only ate food that I grew, harvested, foraged, raised or milled myself.  It was an amazing adventure that brought me much more than sustainability.  I loved that experience immensely and think back on it with great fondness.  I am looking forward to reliving another 101 days of eating only foods from my hands.  To read all about that adventure go here.

Whole 30:  My Whole30 experience was 4 weeks of complaining and pain (laughing).  Even though I was pretty miserable – I learned so much and loved the meals I was preparing. Read more about this here.

10 Days of Juicing:  This week marks the end of my 10 days of daytime juicing.  This was by far the easiest challenge to conquer.  I drank fresh juice like a fish.  I was never hungry.  I had energy, slept great, deflated my mid-section bloat and lost 4 pounds.

Every time I go through a challenge I come away a little better.  I always grow, learn and reap health benefits.

What I leaned on my 10 Days of Juice:

  1. We are all over fed.
  2. I don’t need as much food as I think I do.
  3. Rich, fresh juice is surprisingly satisfying and filling.
  4. I am eating 2 avocado’s tomorrow and a loaf of bread.
  5. I’m just kidding.  I may actually stay the course until the last pound is gone.
  6. Yes.  I’m definitely staying the course.  The last pound must die.

You just can’t imagine how much fun it is to go on a juice-fest.  These concoctions are more than beautiful to look at – they taste amazing.  There is something about fresh juice that is tremendously satisfying.

When I start running vegetables through my juicer and the colorful liquid begins to stream out I usually always have 4 happy customers (my 4 children) awaiting their glass.  They love the juice.  They ask for seconds.  I’m pretty sure they would be happy to go on a juice-fest with Mama – but Kroger does not have enough produce and my garden is dead right now.

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If you’d like to know what I ate on the last 2 days of the Juice-Fest:

DAY 9 & 10


As I get farther along on this 10-day journey I am craving the rich deep satisfying juices that are orange and red.  I make my orange based juice with mostly carrots (recipe here) and my red juice with a base of beets (recipe here).  They are more filling and have a flavor palate that suppresses my appetite for hours.  It’s weird.

When I drink green juices I typically want something else to eat in 20 minutes.  This is when I turn to some fruit and veggies to munch.


DAY 9: 

For dinner, I had 2 bowls of homemade lentil soup.  I used organic green lentils.  I made the stock with pork neck bones (from my hogs) and the pulp left from juicing 2 pounds of carrots and a bunch of celery.  I added 4 onions and an entire bulb of garlic.  I simmered the broth all day long on the stove top.  After cooking the broth about 6 hours I added the (soaked and rinsed) lentils.  Before serving I fried up a ham steak, diced it and added the bits of ham to the soup.  It was rich, hearty and amazing.

Alongside the soup, I ate the leftover salad from last nights supper.

DAY 10:

Tonight’s supper was whatever I could find left in my refrigerator from past meals.  I had some soup, some salad, some nuts and some veggies in hummus.  I suppose it was more of a picnic than a dinner but it hit the spot.



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