When Life Gives You Ice………

When Life Gives You Ice………

You’ve probably heard the old saying,  “When life gives you lemons – Make Lemonade!”

Well, my life is covered in ice right now.

I”m changing it the old saying.


It snowed.  Then it snowed some more.  Then it snowed again.  It melted some, providing a layer of melted snow and ice.  I haven’t seen a chicken in weeks.

Then we got some rain, freezing rain, and it just turned back into snow.  It’s a little slippery outside right now. Although I am certainly capable and gifted in complaining – I am not going to.

icecream 4

I’m going to make ice-cream!

When I make ice-cream I need 5 6 things:

  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Eggs
  • AND………….. Ice

Thanks to our sweet, wonderful, adorable milk-cow, the milk & cream are covered.  Thanks to the chickens, I have the eggs (usually).  I’ve always got cane-juice crystals, and vanilla.

For some reason, whenever I make ice-cream I forget that I will need ICE.  And lots of it.

I rarely make a single batch of ice-cream.  If I’m gonna make custard, chill it, churn it, and freeze it.  I’m going to get my money’s worth, so to say.  I have 2 ice-cream makers.  It doesn’t take any more time or effort for me to make 2 batches.  So, that’s what I do.

I need a bunch of ice when I make ice-cream.  This, for some reason, never occurs to me until I have the ice-cream custard in the canisters ready to be churned.  Then it hits me and I say something like,  “Shoot! I need ice.”

I then empty the ice-maker in my refrigerator and find I need more ice.  Like, 200 pounds more ice.

Here are my options:

  1. Bag the ice from my freezer for 3 days and then churn the ice-cream.  This would mean I have to wait 3 days to eat ice-cream.  That’s a no.
  2. Go up to the Dollar General and spend $10 on bagged ice.  This would mean that my pretty much free ice-cream would now be costing me over $10 to make.  That’s a no.
  3. Go outside and chip some hunks of ice off the world.  That works.


Free ice.  It’s everywhere!

icecream 2

I used an ice pick to chop the hunks of ice into pieces small enough to fit in the ice-cream maker.

I churned it, then I ate it.

Here’s the recipe:  Homemade Ice-Cream.

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