Potbelly Piglets – Waking the Dead

Potbelly Piglets – Waking the Dead


Our sow (mama, potbelly pig) had 10 tiny, weensy, screaming, baby, micro-mini, potbelly piglets 10 days ago.

Since then:

  1. It rained on my babies
  2. I had to save them from Big Bird
  3. the runt died
  4. they all got their teeth clipped.
  5. And Polly (the sow) wants to eat me.

Go here to read all about it.

We have deduced 2 things about piglets.
piglet 3

#1:  LOUD

Loud is not the word.  You can not even imagine how incredibly powerful their voices are.  Like, ear-piercing, head-splitting, high-pitched, insane volume.  My ears have been ringing for a week.

They could literally wake the dead.

piglet 4

It is absolutely impossible that something this small is able to make the amount of noise they are capable of.

Another miracle is the sheer amount of time they can continue to scream at 115 decibels.  You would think that they would asphyxiate themselves due to the lack of oxygen.  I don’t know how they survive all the screaming.  It’s remarkable.

piglet 6

What is just as astounding is how quickly they shut-up and calmly stroll off as soon as you put them down.

Everyone we know has been coming out to visit the baby bunnies and piglets.  As soon as I pick up a piglet and the alarm sounds everyone has the same 2 reactions:

  1. First they laugh
  2. Then they tell me to put it down

For all that is good and right in the world…. Put it down before it has a coronary, or a heart attack, or heart failure or spontaneously screams itself to death.  Seriously, it is going to die.

No, they haven’t screamed to death yet.

I really want to keep one.  I want it to be my Pookey and not scream when I hold him.  So, I have been practicing holding my Pookeys so they can practice not screaming.  So far it is not working.  I’m pretty sure they are getting louder and I need to start wearing ear protection when I play with my Pookeys.

They may still be screaming, but I am no quitter.  I am going to keep playing with them, holding them and calling them Pookey with the hope that one will calm down and stop having a heart attack…….

#2 FAT

The piglets have at least tripled in size since they were born 10 days ago.  They have all grown into their heads and have fat round bellies.  They aren’t soft and squishy any more.  They are solid muscle with legs.


Loud & Fat.
piglet 1

Piglets are all muscle and lungs.  Nothing else.

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