Homemade Gifts From Your Kitchen You Can Make This Weekend

Homemade Gifts From Your Kitchen You Can Make This Weekend

If you want to skip the consumerism this Christmas and give something that means a little more – I have some great ideas for you.

I love wood.  I love working with wood.  If you share my wood affection go here to see some super easy, fantastic, DIY gifts made out of scrap wood.

For anyone who doesn’t like saws, paint or routers here’s 6 Homemade gifts that you can make in your kitchen this weekend.


Best Homemade Gifts from the Kitchen

1.  Scramble

This is a homemade type of Chex Mix.  It doesn’t taste like store bought Chex Mix.  It is fresh.  It is crunchy.  It is salty.  It is soooo much better.   It is the perfect snack.

s homemade 3

If you are more of a “salty-crunch” person (like me) this is for you.

Old does not begin to describe this recipe. It came from my mother’s, dad’s mom.  It is the perfect filling for all your mason jars.  Top with some raffia and your gifts are ready!  So easy.

To make Scramble go Here.

2. Coffee Cake

coffee cake 1

This was my grandmother’s. I am the luckiest grand-daughter. I received my Grandma’s recipe box full of her recipes after she passed away.

This is the only coffee cake recipe you will ever need for the rest of your life.

It has it all. It’s moist. It’s got cinnamon. It has layers of pecans. It has butter-cream icing. It is an excellent addition to your morning cup of Joe. It’s perfect. The best part about this recipe is that it can be adapted into other coffee cakes. I use this recipe to make a blueberry-lemon cake. I sometimes make it into a berry coffee-cake, also delicious. It makes a killer banana-nut bread as well.

To learn how to make it go here.

3.  Meringue Shell Cookies

meringue shell cookies

Some people call these “Meringue Shell Cookies.”  My grandma called them “Forgotten Cookies,” so I do too.

They are super easy and delicious.  The shell is crunchy and sweet.  The chocolate chips are rich and fudgey. They always melt in your mouth.  Their glossy white shells just scream “Christmas.”

The best part is that these cookies only have 5 ingredients.  You may even call them health food!

I have found that many people love these cookies, yet few make them.  This makes them a wonderful gift.

To make them go here.

4. Homemade Fudge

This is the best fudge you will ever eat.  It is creamy.  It is rich.  It melts in your mouth.  The best part about this fudge is that it is made with all natural ingredients.  No carnation evaporated milk.  No artificial ingredients. No dipotassium, no phosphate, no carrageenan.

Fabulous and real ingredients!  Everyone loves to receive fudge for Christmas.

To make your own go here.

5. Sugar Cookies also known as “Roll Cookies” around here

Every Christmas we make “roll cookies.”  Some call these “sugar cookies”  or “Christmas cookies” or “cut-out cookies.”  On my grandmother’s recipe card, in my grandmother’s pen the top of the recipe card says,  “Roll Cookies.”  So, that’s what we call them around here.

This is a wonderful project to do with children any time of year.  It would be fun with a church group, with some neighborhood kids, at a family gathering, or any other time you have a some children in the mood for a fun activity.

Eater discretion is advised. If you make these cookies it will forever ruin every iced Christmas cookie you will ever eat again for the rest of your life.  Most Christmas cookies look beautiful but taste like cardboard.  These do not.

To make some of this goodness go here.

6. Homemade Body Moisturizer


If you want to give something homemade but don’t feel like baking this may be the perfect gift.

This body moisturizer is fun to make, provides perfect moisture and makes a great gift.  This is a sweet, homemade way to avoid chapped, dry winter skin.  It is also a great way to have silky, smooth, glowing skin in the summer.

Go here to see how to make it.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!



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