Pan Fried Doughnuts

Pan Fried Doughnuts

Pan Fried Doughnuts.

If you’ve never fried doughnuts on your stove top you need to.

This is more of a “perk” that happens when I make pizza crusts, slider buns or bread.  I don’t ever set out to make doughnuts.  I just end up with a massive amount of dough in my kitchen and I can’t help myself – a portion must be tossed into a hot skillet filled with coconut oil, fried to perfection and covered in sugar.  Yes!

Trust me.

It’s so quick.

It’s so easy.

It’s so delicious.

And, if you are on an all real food eating disorder challenge, these will be the best thing you’ve put in your mouth in 10 weeks.  Promise.

I have this magnificent, yeast dough recipe.  To get all the details go here.

The great thing is that if you made my yeast dough so you could have something like: pizza crust, buns, pitas or anything else-  you probably have some dough left over in your refrigerator right now.

If you do, you’ll be eating doughnuts in 10 minutes.  If you didn’t make my yeast dough – it’s OK.  You can make some today.  You’ll have doughnuts tonight & there will be plenty of dough left over to make more goodies tomorrow.

Let’s make some doughnuts!

First, we need some yeast dough.

Here’s the recipe:

Slightly Sweet Bread Dough

  • 1 cup very warm water
  • 1/4 C honey (Real Maple Syrup works too)
  • 1/2 cup butter (melted & warm)
  • 1 cup very warm milk
  • 1 1/2 tbsp quick rise active dry yeast
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoon salt
  • Around 6-7 cups Fresh Milled flour (add flour until dough begins to “clean” the sides of the mixing bowl)

Grab your mixer and insert the dough hook.

Next, add the (very warm) water, honey, melted (warm) butter, and (very warm) milk to your mixer bowl.

yeast collage

Sprinkle the yeast into mixer (on the warm liquids).  Turn the mixer on for a few seconds just to mix the yeast in.

Cover & let this sit for 10-15 mintues so your yeast can activate.  After the yeast is all foamy and bubbly you can add the eggs & give them a spin.

Next, begin adding the flour.  Add 1/2 the flour & then add the salt.  Do not forget to salt or you won’t want to eat these doughnuts.  Bread needs salt.  Now that the salt is in, let’s add the rest of the flour.

yeast bread 1.2

Add remaining flour one cup at a time mixing after each cup so you can see the consistency of your dough.  When you get close to the 6 cup mark begin to pay attention to the sides of your mixing bowl.  Sprinkle in the flour slowly and watch what is happening to the dough.  I leave my mixer running on low as I sprinkle in flour.

You may need more than 6 cups of flour – just watch the sides of your mixer bowl as you add flour.

yeast 2 collage

It is perfect when the dough begins to “clean the sides” or “pull away” from the sides of the mixing bowl as it’s kneaded.  You want the dough to be sticky to the touch, but not stuck to the sides of the bowl.  You do not want your dough to be hard or firm (hard dough makes very dense, tough bread -yuck).

If you are new to making bread and want more details- go here.

Once the dough is the right consistency set your mixer on medium and let it knead your dough for 5 minutes.  Now, remove the dough hook & cover the bowl with a towel so it can rest. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes.  After the 15 minute rest it’s time to get our hands into that dough.  Punch it down & get ready.

It’s Doughnut Time!

Grab the biggest cast iron skillet you have and add 1/2 cup coconut oil to it.  Heat on medium high .

doughnuts 1

Drop small amounts of the yeast dough into the hot coconut oil.  Let cook until brown.

doughnuts 2

Then flip ’em all over so the other side can cook.  When perfectly brown on both sides….doughnuts 3

Immediately toss the doughnuts into a prepared bowl of sugar & cinnamon.  If you aren’t eating sugar or cinnamon, you can drizzle these with a bit of honey or maple syrup and they are pretty fabulous.

doughnuts 5

Serve hot doughnuts promptly to very happy men, women and children.

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Happy Baking!


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Slightly Sweet Basic Yeast Dough
This dough is slightly sweet, soft and perfect for rolls, buns, pizza crusts and even doughnuts.
Course bread
Course bread
Recipe Notes

Add water, honey, melted butter & milk to your mixer with dough hook attached. Sprinkle yeast over surface of liquid.  Turn mixer on low to mix in the yeast & turn off.  Cover the bowl & allow yeast to activate for 10-15 minutes.  Once yeast is bubbly add eggs.  Begin adding flour 3 cups at first & mix in.  Add the salt & mix in.  Continue adding flour one cup at a time while your dough hook is kneading.  Watch the dough as you add the flour.  When the dough begins to “clean the sides or pull away from the sides” you have added the correct amount of flour.

Set mixer to knead the dough on medium for 8 minutes.  Take out dough hook, cover & let rest for 15 minutes.  Remove cover, punch down dough & shape as desired.  After shaping the dough, cover lightly and allow to rise before baking.  It should take 20-30 minutes (depending on the temperature in your kitchen) for your buns to double in size.

When they have doubled remove the plastic, brush with egg wash if desired & place in a 340-degree oven.  Bake 30 minutes.

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