Painting Windows for Christmas

Painting Windows for Christmas

Painting Windows for the Christmas Season

Have I ever told you that I do windows?

I have painted the front windows of our Pawnshop several times over the years.

Christmas windows 2

I have painted reindeer.

I have painted Snowmen.

painting 6

I have painted Snowflakes.

painting 9

I have painted Merry Christmas across the windows.

I have painted Christmas Trees.

painting 5That was the year a bird tried to land in this PAINTED Christmas tree (yes, the one pictured above).  He slammed against the window , bounced off and landed dead on the sidewalk.  We all thought we had been shot.


Poor, stupid bird.

painting 7

The last time I painted the windows I painted some cute reindeer.

By far, the year I covered the windows with reindeer we got the biggest response.

Since we live in deer country, and it is hunting season, and everyone over the age of 8 hunts around these parts – deer are popular.


This year, I painted some more.

They are cute and invite everyone driving by to come see what’s inside.

Christmas window 4

If you are considering painting some windows here are some tips (from an amateur window painter):

  1. Start with clean windows.
  2. I use cheap acrylic paint from Walmart – it works great.
  3. Soft bristle brushes work best – you don’t want stiff ones.
  4. Design your art on paper first.
  5. Once your painting is finished, use a smaller (also soft) brush to outline your art in black.  It will make it “pop.”
  6. Don’t stress out about cleaning the windows – the paint comes off a lot easier and quicker than it goes on (just get a scraper or razor and you’ll get the paint off in no time).

Christmas Windows 8

Don’t worry of your art isn’t perfect.  From the street it will still look festive.

christmas windows 9

We don’t say “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” or “Merry Everything.”

christmas windows 7


We say Merry Christmas!

Painting windows is a great way to grab attention from passer-by’s who may not even know you exist.  Hopefully folks will glance over, see the art and you’ll make a new customer or a new friend!

If you happen to be in LsGrange, KY – come see us!  Our shop is 5 Star Pawn.  🙂

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Merry Christmas!



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