Detailed Garden Plan

Detailed Garden Plan

Want to see my garden layout?  I love seeing other people’s gardens.  I love learning new ways to grow plants.  It’s inspiring.  My garden is not huge, but it’s easy to manage.

And, have I mentioned I love it?

Hooray!  The garden is planted (for now).  Anyone out there who uses a similar succession-planting system knows that the garden is never done.  At least, not until the torching before winter.  (Go here to see the torching).  Then it’s done.

But, now it’s Spring & I am just getting started with the planting.  We have already harvested 3 rows of radishes about 25 salads and all the asparagus my kids want to eat until they die.  The grocery bill is smaller (although I’m spending all the leftover grocery funds on flowers & seeds).

Here’s the current layout:

garden layout

Since I made my map I have added some plants and will probably continue to completely change things.  That’s the way I roll.

Some of the additions are:  rosemary, dill, nasturtiums, and gourds.

Now that everything’s planted, we just have to stay on top of the weeding and harvesting.

Big Fun.

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Happy Spring!


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