Landscaping Fabric is not Biodegradable – Why is it in My Garden?

Landscaping Fabric is not Biodegradable – Why is it in My Garden?

No.  I don’t use landscaping fabric.

No.  I am not a fan of landscaping fabric.

Then, Why am I using it in my garden?

First – Here is why I don’t use landscaping fabric:

  • It sucks the life out of your soil
  • It kills the worms
  • Mulch, needles and other top dressing materials are stuck on top of the fabric.  This means they can’t reach the soil to break down and compost and become good soil.
  • Weeds can grow roots and sprout right on top of landscape fabric, so you’ll be weeding your landscape fabric soon.
  • It’s slippery, so mulch, needles and whatever you put on top of it tends to be blown or washed off easily.
  • If weed roots get through the landscape fabric (which is common) it can be impossible to get them out.

If I don’t like the stuff, why is it in my garden?

We have had some fabulous spring weather.  It’s been warm.  It’s been sunny.  I’ve been unusually early with the weeding, prepping and top-dressing in the garden.

I don’t usually do a complete overhaul of all the beds until the end of April.

The first week in May is Game Day around here.  It is the peak.  The climax.  It is what we gardeners have been waiting for all winter.  If you want to plant it – it will grow!  May is when things really get rockin.  I usually prep all the beds right before this blessed event – the end of April.

Because it’s been ridiculously warm I got a little ahead of myself and prepped all the beds in March.

garden cover 2

If you don’t know, I’ll tell you what happens to beds that have been weeded, aerated, and top-dressed and left to sit for 2 months.

They grow weeds.

Ugh.  Bare soil = more work for me.

I don’t want to pull all those weeds again.

It will be weeks before I get my tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, squash and pumpkins in the garden.  Until then, if I don’t do something, the weeds will take over.

So, I did this.

I spent $12 on a chemical-free, landscape fabric.  I am not planning on keeping the fabric in the garden.  It is just here for now to block the sun and stop the weeds from germinating.  
garden cover 3

And to prevent all the little seeds blowing through the air from landing in my garden beds.  Look at those seeds!  From the trees!  All those little pests would be baby trees in my garden right now if the landscape fabric wasn’t there.  Arg.

Gardening is a great joy, but a fight that must be won.  It is gratifying to eat the fruit of your labor, but frustrating if you don’t stay on top of the small things (like weeds).

I could have visited my garden 3 times a week to pull up all the weeds enjoying the free garden space …… or cover the dang things.

I chose cover.  In May I plan to fold up my fabric and saturate my garden beds with wonderful food.  Until then, they are tucked in and sleeping.


Never a dull moment!

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