Just Launched Our New Website, Come Check it Out!

Just Launched Our New Website, Come Check it Out!

We are happy to announce that we just launched a brand new website.

You can check it out now:


The entire site is dedicated to providing you with clean, real-food meal plans so you can feel good about what you are feeding your family.

It all started with a group of clean-eating friends.

We were sitting around enjoying the back porch and a glass of vino talking about preparing meals for a family.

It was unanimous.

We all agreed that cooking dinner was easy.  Figuring out what to cook is what caused indigestion.

If only there was someone to tell us what to cook.  All of our problems would be solved.

In addition to menu plans – we had priorities.

  1.  Eat Good – Feel Good.  We are all dedicated foodies who avoid processed food like the Devil.  We don’t want recipes reflecting the SAD (Standard American Diet).  The most traveled recipe websites are riddled with processed ingredients, chemicals, and food-like substances.  We wanted recipes dedicated to clean eating.
  2. Real Only Please.  In addition to avoiding chemicals and fake food, we also are whole-food junkies.  If it can be pictured in nature – that’s what we want to serve our families.
  3. Spare us the overwhelm.  Some recipes have so many ingredients that a girl (or guy) us exhausted before reading the entire recipe.  We want simple, stress-free dinner options.
  4. Show us Something New.  We also agreed that variety was a must.  It is easy to get into a dinner-rut.  We wanted menu plans that had us branching out and trying new foods.

This is how Just Tell Me What to Cook was born.

It took almost a year for the idea to become a website with life, food, and menu plans.

We are so excited about Just Tell Me What to Cook and it’s just getting started! 

New content is being added weekly.  Fresh menus, new recipes, seasonal eating, recipe-free cooking, and breadmaking galore are all on the schedule to launch.

Want to know more?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions or click the button below:






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    August 8, 2018
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