Frequently Asked Questions (JTMWTC)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Membership is the best?  I noticed there is a $7.99 and a $12.99 (on sale now for $10!!) program.  What’s the difference?

Yes, we have 2 Membership Levels available to suit you.


The Farm Fresh Member ($7.99 – Level 1) is designed for people who want all the extra recipes, content and all the homesteading inside information.  It is a great value.  For $7.99 you will have immediate access to over 400 premium posts, recipes, and articles.  New content is added every week that will be for your eyes only.

Membership includes a weekly update that will notify you of all the latest premium content.

#2:  FARM FRESH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP LEVEL 2 ($12.99 On sale for $10)

The Farm Fresh PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP ($12.00 $10 Level 2)  is by far the best valuePREMIUM MEMBERS (Level 2) have unrestricted access to everything on the site: videos, free eBooks, menu plans, breadmaking course, and includes access to the new site:


  • Homemade Breadmaking Video course – 9 Modules that will have you crafting bread like a ninja.  I have been making my own bread since 2004.  I am not new to this art and can show you how to make perfect, delicious bread and tell you why you should. There is no comparison in nutrition or flavor.
  • Free eBooks. You get 3 FREE books:  “How to Eat”, “Raising Backyard Pigs for Pork or Profit” and “The Bunny Handbook.”  These are yours to download and keep forever.
  • Unlimited access to the New Site:  JUST TELL ME WHAT TO COOK.  We just launched a new Members-Only site filled with dinner-solving tips whole, seasonal, local foods in mind.  As a PREMIUM MEMBER (Level 2), you have complete access to this site.  Including:  recipe search, recipe-free meals, menu plans, shopping lists, and a regular look at what’s cooking in my kitchen (be afraid). Go here to check out the JUST TELL ME WHAT TO COOK site.
  • Brand new Premium content and videos are added every week.
  • AND you get me!  Just ask me your questions – I can’t wait to help!

Did you say “Meal Plans?” What exactly is included?

Every meal plan includes:

  • 4 delicious real-food meals
  • One homemade bread
  • One sweet treat
  • And at least one fresh salad

All with instructions, shopping lists and the ability to print recipes and shopping lists.

How many people will the meals feed?

Most meals are designed for 4 servings.  You can adjust the serving size to meet the needs of your family.

Why only 4 meals?

Most of us have busy lives and don’t cook 7 nights a week.  Some nights we eat away from home, other nights we eat leftovers.  Additionally, most of us have our favorite recipes that we love to make for our family.  We provide 4 meals and if you need additional meals you can craft some of your personal ‘greatest hits.’

Will my family like the food?

Our recipes are kid-tested and family friendly.  We try to keep meals basic enough that kids will enjoy them and interesting enough that the grown-up’s taste buds will be surprised and happy.  All kids are different, try it for a month (only $12.99 $10) and see if it hits the spot for your family.

When will I receive my menu plans?

You can visit the site any time to view the menu plans.  New menu plans are sent directly to your email box on Mondays.

Why is the shopping list so long?

The shopping list automatically includes every ingredient in each recipe.  This means things like salt, pepper, and fresh flour will be on the shopping list.

Since most of us have these staples in our pantries already, you can easily delete them from the shopping list.

You also have the ability to change and add items to the shopping list.  Make the list perfect for your trip to the grocery or online order.

Can I try it for free?

Unfortunately, we do not have a free trial.

The day you join the membership community you will have FULL membership privileges.

This includes:

  1. Access to all the Free eBooks (to download and keep forever)
  2. Access to the entire Breadmaking course
  3. Access to all homesteading videos
  4. Access to nearly 400 premium posts and recipes
  5. Access to the completely new site:  Just Tell Me What to Cook
  6. Access to meal plans, shopping lists, recipe-free meals, and inside peeks into my kitchen and homestead

The value of a Membership is actually more like $200.  AND it’s only $12.99 $10!

And, honestly, if you do not have $10 to spare – I want you to keep your money and go by some organic apples. 🙂

Why did you start a Membership site? 

I’ve been teaching classes locally since 2009 and when my internet community asked for online classes, I instantly wanted to provide them.

The Membership option was the best way for me to provide regular, fresh content and videos at an affordable price.  It allows me to provide classes, homesteading videos, eBooks, helps, tips and provide personal help to those who want it.

For more scoop on why the Memberships started – go here.

I have another question…

Do you have a question I didn’t answer?  No problem!  Email me at: and I will get back to you with an answer.

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