Homemade Christmas Gifts – 2 Super Cute Wood Signs

Homemade Christmas Gifts – 2 Super Cute Wood Signs

I made another “JOY” sign from a piece of the old barn wood.

Here is the first sign:

stacker 2

Here is the second one:

For the tutorial on how to make a sign like this go here.

Even if there’s only 3 days until Christmas, you can make this!

Here’s How:

DAY 1:  In the morning get the wood painted, stained, and antiqued.  Later that day paint on the lettering.

DAY 2:  In the morning add your black accent to the letters.  Once the black is dry to touch add the gold stars.

DAY 3:  Drill a couple of holes in the board for hanging, wrap it & make someone’s Day.

Super fast, super easy, super cute!

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